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Anyways. We got a lot of stuff on there. I've never talked about on the radio, and I made it so you could print out anything you want on there also made it so that you can listen to these past radio shows. And they'll all be on there. And you can listen to him without commercials, which it'd be great. All right. We're going to go to the to the radio or to the phones here for just a second. And we'll talk with the market is it marking Martin markan. Yes. This is Dr Foley. You have a question. Well, what more question it was more of a I just wanted to say a statement. For the last six months. I have basically cut sugars and breads, anything, I basically all the kind of things out of my life like those carbs, right? I I've seen a like a ninety percent drop in my psoriasis. And also, you know, how your stomach liking grab a niche your pitch Nancy's kind of gigli. Right. Almost all gone. So you what you what you are saying is correct does work. Couldn't sugar's out. He cut the branch out. What what are you can fail, and you can say, yeah, you're absolutely right. And you've already experienced that. That is fantastic. That is the hardest thing to get people to do when they come into my office the rest of his pretty easy. Let me know. Unfortunately, the way that our food is put together put together with carbohydrates. I remember that you remember that old food pyramid that we all learned in high school and the bottom of it says you're supposed to have eight to nine servings of grains per day. That that was put together by the grain association. There was never any science behind it. They sold it to the government. The government said, hey, this is great. And they put it in all the schools and come to find out the grain associations just wanted to sell more grain. That's why it was eight to nine servings. Our body can't handle the heat tonight servings and you could you can testify to that by what you've done once you cut all that stuff out. Your body starts to balance out. Yeah. What I what I do is watch. When I go to the grocery store, and you look at the contents on the back right added added sugars, I put it back. I do not. I don't eat it can singlet or nothing. Yeah. Yeah. That's you're you're you're on the right track. That is fantastic. And I appreciate you calling in and letting everybody know. It's not just me saying it. Thanks martin. Bye. Bye. All right. There you go. You you heard that all you have to do really is to get healthy and start getting healthy is start cutting out the carbs star cutting out the sugar. Don't eat anything with sugar in it. And like markan said, he's experienced a great change. He mentioned the psoriasis on their psoriasis is or what I find in. My practice is ninety percent. Eighty to ninety to ninety eight percent of all skin issues are digestive issues. And psoriasis is a digestive issue. It's not a skin issue. It's just that the body can't handle those toxins anymore. So it sends it out through the skin the skin is the largest organ in the body, and that's skin. There's a purpose for two to excrete things out of the body. Lot of toxins can get into the skin. But but psoriasis is a sign of a digestive issue or most skin issues are signs of digestive issues. So when somebody comes in they say, yeah, I got this big skin problem. I'm. Always looking for some type of digestive issue is that their livers at the gallbladder is the intestinal track. Another kind of side note here is most people that have sinus issues like sinus congestion, it is their gallbladder. If you think of your sinus is a continuation of your digestive system. And I found this truth through a practice. I didn't I've never seen it in a textbook or anything. But when people come in. I started correlating their sinus issues with the gallbladder. And I'd say about eighty percent of everyone that has a sinus issue is related back somehow to the gallbladder and gallbladder is basically there to hold bile salts now. What happens if you don't have a gallbladder? Well, then you're going to have to put in the bile salts a manually. We got a product called cola. Call our Coleen either one they both have bile salts in there, and you have to replace those bile salts because now you have a timing issue. You know, doctors at takeout gallbladders say, oh, you can live without your gall bladder. That's true. Can. But you're gonna start having digestive issues that gallbladders there for a purpose and the purpose is to hold bile salts now. People that have a gallbladder that have the bile salts in there. A couple of things can happen one that can contribute to sinus issues. One is that the bile salts gets thick or it gets up poor-quality or certain things can get in the gallbladders basically a sack it's attached to the liver. It's actually a portion of the liver. The bile salts are made in the liver and the ducts of the liver. So you when somebody has thick bile salts. There's a product called fast food liquid that they have to take and that cleans up the ducts of the liver and thins out the bile salts so that when the food goes through the liver, it the the gallbladder contracts puts the bile salts into the food and it can break down the fats as as going through your intestinal track. Now, if it's a poor quality, that's when we put in that Coleen or cola call, and then that's usually a short term thing you get. Small bottle, you take gone, and then it's their stuff in there for your liver. Also, so it corrects it and deliver starts making better quality bile. But somebody took your gallbladder out some doctor took gallbladder out. The only reason I know that gallbladder should come out is if it's gangrene if it's riding in there, otherwise these stones can be handled. There's a hallway to handle stones with gallbladders, a gulp stone is basically cholesterol. It's it's an Iraq. You can flush those out. I used to give people a little book had had a head a net in there. You put the net over the toilet. Basically, you do a flush and there's a lot of oils and stuff like that. It gives you diarrhea you get up in the morning and you'll flush out all these stones. Well, I had people bringing in these stones in glass bottles. Also sick and tired of seeing gallstones because they were amazed at it that I just told them how to do the flush now the only concern about the flush is that you don't want. You should have an ultrasound before you do a flush you want to find out the size of those gallstones before you flush them out if they're too big. They could actually get stuck in the duck. And then you're in big trouble. And you might have to have surgery after that. But what we do if I recommend a flush anymore. What I do is. I used that fast food liquid that will soften up any stones that are in there. There's another one called Royal break stone. It turns the stones into mush, and then you can just kind of flush him out with a flush or you do a detox. We do a full body detox, and that also helps to clean that area up. So those are some of the ways that we would handle a gallbladder issue and that started by.

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