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David to be LTV meteorologist we've got overcast skies sixty six degrees south of the lake also sixty six under mostly hazy skies on the north shore I'm John below me and WWL first news let's get the latest on traffic from the WTO rejuvenate medical traffic center I'm Patti Berman well the I. ten system all around the city traffic is really light everybody's where they're gonna be you got no delays coming in from the west from the plus all the way into candor in mentoring and on the east side of town no problems at the high rise no delay over downtown the only delay I see is if your eastbound on the I. ten heading towards Slidell from downtown the esplanade offramp is closed because of the Zulu parade parading in that area so we see in a little bit of a stack up on to the I. ten but once you get past that traffic moves well Canal Street ferry is in service on the Mardi Gras schedule and we're all clear on the causeway got a traffic tip call Debbie Debbie L. five oh four two six zero info nobody loves up on you like New Orleans happy Mardi Gras from the crew of W. W. L. monochrome mambo the greatest show on earth on the biggest stage in the Gulf south brought to you by super cuts windows and doors Toros emergency department when's your windows and doors and by Acadian ambulance now live Gallier hall here's the good times and the people's queen of carnival and July hill well the sheriff is absolutely here he's got everything under control right we're trying to view the full day.

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