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Is gonna be on the road trip. And so, Sylvia. I said, Let's get Tommy Lasorda. We get time of the sword on. First of all he gets on, he tells us He's not in Chicago. He was in New York. Starts pimping some suit store he was. I think he was like waiting outside to get in. He starts out of we did. The interview came off the rails so quick, But I mean in, like, five minutes in Sylvia, I look across at each other, like, man. We're dying in here like this is not this isn't going the way I thought it would go. It was gonna go. I used to listen to Tom Young with chatting. I'm thinking. Yeah, man will be like shit. Will have Tommy on is gonna be fantastic. You know? So we know our like boiled boy. I'm grabbing my collar. I'm like, I don't know my say goodbye to him. I don't know what else does the guy and he was away and I don't even I can't remember whatever the honor I was talking about with him, but he that he was rebound to receive, but I didn't meet him like two years. Prior. Yeah, that's proof. The Italian American Sports Hall of Fame dinner. That Wednesday Is Prince Spaghetti Day? Yes, Yeah, that's proved that with the Randazzo family and all the great folks at the telly American Sports Hall of Fame over there on Taylor Street, they had a big black tie event. Every year. They They put their new through. New inductees. Into the halls. Her and we were at the grand Ballroom at Navy Pier and I'm in heaven. I met Michael Rosie. Only that night. Great night I met Remember the great middleweight fighter Carmen Basilio. Carmen Basilio, I think Thought, Jake LaMotta a time or two. If you have not familiar with the movie movie Raging Bull, That's true, and I went up to Carmen Basilio. And I introduced myself and I said Mr Basilio, Carmen de Falco. He grabbed my hand Anyone nice name? That's where to God. And I met Who was Who is the one? You're the Italian fighter that Kill Dooku. Kimmitt remember? Oh, yeah. Mazzini booming. I met boom boom Mancini. He was punches. I'll get out my forever. Hey, Boom, Boom, man. He's punchy. E famously had that moment with timing. The sort of Sylvia me glad you re lifted with us Eyes Classic. Can't be a real good. Wait a minute. With the other one when cap was trying to interview him a couple years later on that gun Comcast Yeah. The best, but I got a kick out of this. This was from Rich Eisen show on the NFL network. He was talking to the great Al Michaels and Al Michaels tells a story. That I think needs to be heard that you will appreciate its vintage Tommy Lasorda when I was announcing the Hawaiian on Islanders in the Pacific Coast League, triple A baseball starting in 1968. I was there three years are big rival. With the Spokane Indians, and they were the Dodger Farm Club and the Triple A farm club. And because of travel, the Indians would come over twice a year, and they spend the entire week there, so I got to know Steve Garvey. Bobby Valentine, Bill Russell, Davey Lopes, Ron say That's the team Bill Buckner. All those guys are playing with the team. And the sword is the manager. And then Tommy loves to tell the story is a little bit embellished, but very close to the truth. He always has contended he discovered me because, after every game and Hawaii he would have to call out Cam Panis and the general manager of the Dodgers and reported on how all of the guys had done. Garvey did this, but they're did this looks to this etcetera, etcetera. So one night, he says. He tells Sampanis. He said, Hey, Allie said, You know, I know you got Vin Scully and then he's great. Everything visit guy over here, the sea young guy doing these games on the radio. This guy is really terrific. Al Michaels is his name. You should keep an eye on him. Campaign. It doesn't say anything at first and then at the end of the conversation, according to Tommy can't Panish is Tommy, this this kid you're talking about this Michaels guy. Do you know it's really good, and Tommy says. I've been thrown out of the last four games about the club has listeningto what happened with your one night he gets thrown out in the third inning of the game. Now in Hawaii's the clubhouse wasn't behind the dugout. You have to walk all that we have to center field, 425 ft. Get serenaded by the fans. And then another 100 ft to a ramshackle clubhouse. You could not sneak back in. Truly you'd have to listen to the radio. So that's the third thing, so I know he's listening to me for seven innings one night the next night. He's so angry, he comes out. He gives the lineup card to the umpires. He gets thrown out with the lineup on irony of ironies. You know the matter of the the the umpire at home plate that night was Bruce framing, who would go on to have the longest umpiring career in major league history. He would go to the major. So this is this is crazy stuff. He gets thrown out again. Now he's listening to me the whole game. The next game, he did less. He lasted the game, and then the following game. You got thrown that in like the sixth or seventh inning. Tommy truly was able to hear me. Do you know probably 20 innings of baseball, And so he always loved to tell that story. Of course. I love the fact that Tommy was such a big apartment. He was It's the wonderful man on so many levels so many it is like the perfect It's the perfect story. And when you hear Michael, First of all, I think of young Al Michaels doing Hawaii Triple a baseball out there. Bruce Framing is managing in the minor leagues. Tommy Lasorda is managing the Triple A team for the Dodgers in the late sixties. That would go on to think about those teams in the seventies. That would consist of your coast favorite player, the Great Bill Buckner. Ron, say Steve Garvey. Davey Lopes. Probably Bill Russell, though he didn't get mentioned. No, he did. I think he did mention Bill Russell. I mean, think about that team. And and it's so hilarious to hear. How the heck do you know he's any good? Because well, because I've been thrown out of the last four games, but the best part is that he got thrown out handing in the line of card that is like so quintessential Tommy Lasorda. It is a hilarious story that the power and influence of all the people like named in that story that we're playing in those games. Is absolutely tremendous, and I thought it was worth playing and worth listening to, and al Michaels tells it is only on Michael's continue, but that is classic. You know what strikes me about That story, too, is now a days. I don't know if you'll ever have Like players like that really assemble on a triple A roster anymore, because they if you're a good hitter or a good pitcher, you maybe get 10 games and Triple a maid maybe a half a season. But you're going up to the majors pretty quickly. You know, if you've proven at double a that you could handle it. You don't get Too long. A trip later, right in 50 years ago. It's true. I mean, you know, I think guys just Everything was at a different pace, right? And so yeah, these teams would probably have these ridiculously stacked triple a teams.

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