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Northern Kentucky university is still planning to accept an incoming student this fall whose Instagram sparked controversy during recent protests calling for an end to systemic racism the featuring K. used to use the hashtag white lives matter more in that post university president Dr she's body has called the post horrifying to many but said the first amendment protected as free speech and K. you will be adopting diversity equity and inclusion goals in the fall Dr Bhatia said he also met with black faculty students and alumni to talk about their campus experiences I'm John Gallagher news radio seven hundred WLW let's set the price hill was seven hundreds Matt Reid Cincinnati police have busted three people after a road rage incident in the thirty nine hundred block of Glenn way Avenue near beach Avenue in price hill police arresting twenty year old Imani Glover nineteen year old daily on Glover and thirty one year old Cameron Arnold over the incident Friday afternoon Amani Glover and daily on Glover are charged with felonious assault Arnold charged with weapon under disability and drug trafficking a ten year old was shot in the leg inside of a vehicle but was not seriously injured hi Matt Rees news radio seven hundred WLW state health officials relaxing crowd size restrictions as the Cup in nineteen pandemic shows continued signs of weakening across the Buckeye state among the sectors affected Ohio's convention industry convention centers are reportedly once again free to hold events now local authorities say the Sharonville convention center one of the first in the tri state to reopen center officials saying they spend thousands of dollars putting up new signs to make sure event participants follow current social distancing another corona virus related restrictions while in the building ready for Wall Street getting a couple of reads on the retail sector this week and that's important because it's the first time that we're really going to see how that part of the economy is doing since a good portion of the nation began to lift its covert nineteen restrictions retail sales for may with and without the auto numbers are due out on Tuesday look for a few housing sector reports this week as well the national association of home builders may index will be released on Tuesday followed by housing starts on Wednesday the weekly jobless claims report comes out on Thursday in these numbers have been getting a lot of attention since the start of the covert nineteen pandemic last week's report showed about one and a half million Americans filed for unemployment benefits the week prior the total numbers have been going down over the past few weeks but economists say they are still worrisome because they are historically high also on Thursday the Philadelphia federal reserve will release its manufacturing index for June Dario opener ABC news and I'm Robert carpenter your next updated one thirty breaking news anytime news radio seven hundred WLW hi it's Mike McConnell for fees all the most trusted name in roofing in greater Cincinnati if you have some downtime right now maybe looking to get a project done around the house like the roof you've been putting off well with fees all you can get a digital estimate electronic signatures there's.

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