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Fokker bravery in one and only famous progress. Perez hilton. Guys welcome to the team Booker. He's Peretz, are you? I'm good. I just wanna start off by just acknowledging celebrating in spirit and keeping in by thoughts, Aretha Franklin who is going through very difficult time right now Cording to the very latest reports. She is in hospice care. So just keeping her in our thoughts. First woman ever into Dirac rocket hall of fame sats. She's only seventy six to it's like, you know, you think people are going to be living longer and longer like, oh, tigger ninety or something. But now it's not the case forted. Oh my God, at least I'm not as old as you are. Anyways, people really seemed to enjoy our podcast last week where I was drinking. But the funny thing is I don't even drink that much. Honestly, I have low tolerance. Like I probably drank maybe like a third of a wine bottle. Like, what? Is it like to glasses, maybe maybe. Yeah. Yeah. So like with and you also you flew that day. That was you were exhausted. I mean, most of your whacky nece I think probably was because you were just so tired. Nevertheless, a great show. It was. It was fun doing the soap opera in New York City was super fun too. I mean, it's fun to do things out of your comfort zone. Not that that's out of my comfort zone. What mean was just flash forward to it happened? So it was like the easiest shoot I have ever been on. I got there at nine AM. I was done by five PM and I was able to like work in between setup so stress-free, amazing. I got done early. They kept filming after me, there was supposed to be a wrap party that began at eight. You know me. I showed up at eight on the Dr I wanna get everybody was there nobody. I was the only person there come on New York City time. Eight means twelve. I wanted to get there and then get out shortly after Bill my hotel room catch up on work and hopefully catch up on some sleep. Got there at eight, and I only found out like maybe eight thirty that they had only wrapped at eight, even though the wrap party was supposed to start at eight. So like around eight thirty, I start drinking by myself. It was like two nights in a row of drink peeing, and, oh my God. But it was fun. I got to do some rest to on Wednesday. I went to serious and I did the Andy Cohen show and here's a little scoop. I'm not saying anything out of school, and I won't say what he told me because I don't wanna. I don't wanna set them anyway. I don't think this would set him. I thought we had a great chat. And then during commercial breaks, Andy Cohen, I were chatting about Kathy Griffin. That's all I will say won't say what we talked about, but I'll say chided about Griffin. And I was happy to do that and also happy that afterwards. He seemed to have been impressed with me because he's like, wow, you really talk about anything like being things. I think a cat. Said he was great too, and then I did sway Jura work with sway when he was on MTV. I did it. I'm TV good guy. And before we get to the real stuff, this Friday, I haven't even told Booker. He tried to get it.

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