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Family secrets on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. There's a reason the patriots don't draft a lot of receivers because as of tom brady it's very hard to make an impact running backs go from college to the patriots all hit receivers evers. It's hard if thomas entrust you. If you miss practices you miss routes prime example nicole harry's on the i are not gonna start the season. He's not going to see in real thanksgiving. He got banged up ankle issues and i've said about new england. I think nikiel harry is a good player. It is hard as a wide receiver lever to go to new england with tom brady. There are quarterbacks in this league that a young receiver aaron rodgers big ben can go to the abolition a little bit more. Tom is now so precise. He doesn't wanna get hit. He's not doing seven step drops. If you know learn the offense if you missed practice time i'm not throwing it to you and and the keel harry according to reports had one or two nice days of practice got banged up ankle missed practice and you're not going to get the ball thrown to you. This shows rose you. Why new england loves to draft running backs. They all work and they don't like drafting wide receivers. This is why go get o._s. Walker they get chris hogan the get it tomorrow his thomas randy moss they go out and get people already in the league that can come in. No the pro game and tom is incredibly ably demanding on wide receiver so here's nikki larry they go back and say okay. We don't draft receivers well. Let's go try to get another one and he talking to play so and he admits practices and once you miss practices with tom. You know you're out of the order here for our t._v. Audience i'm not gonna read all the names. We're putting up. There are high round draft picks receiver. It doesn't work it does does it work with new england's. I hope the kid works. He's a hard worker but it shows you know. Tom is running a precise offense and it's up to you to fit into it. He's not fitting into your college style. You gotta fit into him and you get hurt and camp. You're done be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine a._m. Pacific on fox sports radio f s one and the iheartradio app you jackson stop by great to see him..

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