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Phil Kessel dogs now. He does not love to eat hot dogs. We look at the the end straight comedian. Good it's still cast loves hotdogs segments we look at the foibles and the hyperbole I purposely of the hockey media emily ever hit a pin Yada. It would just take a wack at opinion Outta I have you remember how all the candy the falls out when you hit it good. That's Kinda like Phil. Kessel loves hotdogs this week in the sense that the Don Cherry News sparked just a pin Yada full of bad bad takes trickling down upon our heads. We whack it with a stick. I'm going to go to this one though Dave staples of the Edmonton Journal Dave's a guy that I've known online mm for many many years but he wrote a story about who wants to come up with he wants to come up with. Who's going to be the next Don Cherry? He kind of did a scouting report of who he thinks could would be the next Don Cherry who could take over that segment hockey night in Canada. He's not the first guy to say this or the last guy to say this. I'm going to pick on them for saying it. His top choices voices. Ray Ferraro now ray. Ferraro is brilliant. He's the best between the benches guy in the game and one of the smartest analysts that you could ever find the also works for TSN. And I'm assuming contracts all right then and there you have one issue. Here's the other issue. contract was coming up you know what. TSN likes to do for people that might jump over and help out their archrivals especially especially in a prominent post Jon Cherry role. They're going to back up the truck to keep him which esn that's what they did for all of their talent. Alan when sports net got the rights. That's why sports you know. Kept their crew of Kip Rios and all those guys together and and the the panel that everybody loves loves over at TSN state of TSN because he paid them very handsomely so while I enjoy a good fantasy casting. Emily the idea that Ray Ferraro tomorrow would be even an option for this hockey night and candidate job. Seems patently ridiculous given very inside Baseball Phil Castle as hotdogs. I know well that's why. What are we doing if not Trying to entertain educate on this podcast. Speaking of which here's your headlines Dateline Raleigh.

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