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The comment about the show. Oh right i don't even remember they talk shit about me not scripted. Fake and grip didn't ask. I laughed. I wish it was scripted. Dead script fake and there was one other thing that we were. Oh yeah. I wrote that great bit about the blowhole. I worked on that out your blowhole. Thank you very much all my love to you guys. Stay stay stay healthy. Stay good stay all of it. Okay off the wrong. One shit damage warehouse all he needed. Hire somebody to do this. No he needs rest tired tired. I am tired. Sleep much taken out now. Took an asked during the show. Talk with straight talk with ross with. Tv's broth matthews and friends. There's mckee you got it by. I love you. Hey i'm ej dixon and i'm brittany spanos. We're both rolling stone. Writers brittany covers pop music. Fandom and race and ej reports on everything internet culture related from influencers too far right extremist groups to only fans and we both spend an insane amount of time on tick-tock literally so many hours every single day. My feet is all wacky family. Stories aesthetically pleasing cooking videos and hawkeye's and minus primarily y2k makeup tutorials true crime conspiracy theories and bisexual thir- straps. So it feels right that we put all of those hours of scrolling laughing at our phones to more productive use. that's why we're hosting. Don't let this glove a weekly podcast about what's happening on tick-tock we'll keep you up to date on the big trends the wealthiest stories and who is who in the talk extended universe. There'll be interviews with content creators. we follow fellow journalists who have reported brilliantly on the app and much more as fellow millennials. We understand how overwhelming it can be to try to keep up with. Who's dating who what the answer is trending or getting cancelled. So we've created this podcast to try to keep you and us up to speed. You don't wanna miss it. Subscribe to us on apple spotify and anywhere else. You get your podcast fix and please. Don't let this flop. We're joking but also not really..

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