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Tell me the story what happened twenty three months ago. Well, first of all, I just thank God, I found you. Well, i'm. But this is my daughter, Laura here from Costa Rica, and my friends Julian in frontier, they will come in to support may. Wow. And I've been a single parent since my daughter is one one year old. And obviously her father's amazing. And he supported us, but financially it's been a big struggle. Mhm? So we took in foreign students to chine help me with my income, which was really fun, and it really helped me button. I spent many evenings just working at my income. And my aunt goings is all very stressful. There just wasn't enough money. What happened twenty three months ago twenty three months ago? I got into a lot of debt. And that was really my downfall was when my Bank gave me overdraft. Four thousand pounds. And at the time. I thought I'd won the lottery because I didn't have an emergency fund. I had a lot of the. The I'd move to. Nope. Sink credit card. And not you say I felt like I'd done something. I hadn't actually done anything. I just moved my debt from one place to another. And now was starting to struggle and. The Bank was challenging me interest and interest on the interest, some months I was being challenged about thirty five fifty pound a month just on interest. And I just I just need to get out of this. This just yeah, struggling panicking. How'd you get hold of us? Well, I'm sitting out in the garden. One night just on YouTube trying to find out how to get out of debt. And I come across yoga Zell video. Celery because we've got nothing not you in England. Posted way. So the gazelle video is just like, oh my God. This is this is it and actually are setting the goal novice crying. Because it was the first time that I actually fell. The I could get out of debt. Wow. So the next day. I got my wife, and I all my dad. Which was a bit of a shell put. And I started to get my -mergency fund together, I've fifty seven and I've never had an emergency fund and one of the things I wanted to do was to thank you for telling everybody that. Emergency will happen because in January this year. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. And my daughter wants to come over and see her and straight away. I could just pay for the flight. Yeah. And I would never been able to do that before. So you are paid off the last of the debt when I if you lie this year. How's it feel? Just amazing. I'll feel completely sorry. I'm getting emotional. Okay. Good. What's the key to getting out of debt? The key to getting out of debt is decelerating. All right. Just deciding that you're going to do and then following through regardless civil everyone says oh tries to make you feel. They so much pressure. You spend money. And you just gotta decide I'm not on on just getting rid of they stay and I'm not. Something happened in the garden when you're watching this silly video. Hillbilly guy run up. Now, the stage screaming that you can get out of debt. You believed that you could do it. And that was the first time that happened. And you never dropped that belief. Nobody was gonna stop you want you believed. And that was you know, you did that you believe that can't make you believe I can just show you how to do you? Did it you? You were ready. You were so ready. And once you believe there wasn't he holding you back your amazing. It's so fun to talk to you. Very fun. Very good. Very correct. Congratulations. I'm so proud of you. Thank you. Did you have some cheerleaders people telling you? Oh, that's an amazing cheerleaders. Have I do my friends? My daughter. Work traveling Melita, Lauren. When you talk about is, how your grandmother. Yeah. My mom just says, well, I what we've always done. It's common sense. Cash think. Oh, wait, which is the biggest compliment ever had. Called me. Thanks. So that's good. Yeah. Yeah. Because you were normal on stress. Normal wasn't fun for you. Way to go. We've got a copy of Chris Hogan's book, retire inspired for you. That's the next chapter in your story. You want to hear from you when you become a millionaire, and I think you're on your way. Yeah. Thank you. And outrageously generous along the way. Thank you day for. Thank you. Congratulations. You're inspiring. Once someone believes that they can do something at a deep core level. You can't stop them. And Marian has definitely rockstar example of that so cool to talk to you. And thanks to all your friends and relatives and daughter and everybody for coming to cheer you on very good stuff. All right. I think this is the first in-person English debt free scream we've ever had. You're the first one so Marian from Brentwood England to Brentwood, Tennessee, eighteen thousand dollars paid off in twenty three months making thirty nine to forty thousand counted down. Let's hear a debt free scream three two one. Man. That's why I get up and come down here every day right there. Wow. I'll fun what a neat lady. That is we've had folks from Australia. Maybe Ireland certainly from Canada. I. Donald I from Brentwood England. Very fun. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Let me tell you a story.

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