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Writers and critics who prophesized with their pens. Have been writing about bob dylan since he burst onto the music scene in new york city in the early nineteen sixties. When in the words of lover and patron joan baez. He was already legend. Been books about dylan for almost as long as there has been dylan to write about and in the words of death ruler lover and poet king. Solomon who said the book of ecclesiastes cheese now son. he sad be warned. My son of making many books. There is no and much study wearies the and yet we know that of the writing of books about bob dylan there seems to be. No end is guilty as charged with adding to this endless. Nece and weariness. Writing as we are about bob dylan ourselves rating at guide to bob dylan spiritual wisdom as we speak. And we're so happily guilty as charged to read a fairly large selection of those about bob dylan to as we wrap up season one of bob dylan about man and god and law and s. We thank the many of you have joined us for salvation. Yard of memory mapping america before the law love and dylan in the dead as well as our to holiday special arts as we edge up to the final episodes of season one. We're going to share an interview to with some of the finest of those writers and critics. They are the blooms. The rhoskins the kale's the riches were not interested the tiresome sport of musical cultural slings and arrows as much as they are attracted to plumbing the gaps of the work of great artist to deepen the contribution of great art to the world. We've mentioned the term me. Drawashe quite a bit over the course of our conversations about bob dylan and his work. It's what we did talk to it on back in the green pastures of new york city some years ago and we are glad that the toolkit of drage can be applied to rock and roll acid. Must if you know the new testament or the koran or the book of jubilees you know mid drage because it is the ancient jewish art adapted from greek literary rhetorical techniques of two or three thousand years ago which draws out meaning from sacred text as a mode of explaining accompanying coloring and contextualising it for the audience the creator of amid rocks represents some of our greatest and most sacred works are in fact a kind of commentary or me drage on sacred texts. That preceded them an extension and reinvention of a canonical work. Real marcus christopher ricks or this episode's guest. Richard thomas all come from different academic fields cultural criticism literature or the classics. But each sees. Dylan's cannon is being of paramount importance to how we live in the world that dylan's music demands nurturing explication for rock and roll mid gosh because the world needs to glean more from what this has to offer. Dr shaney interpret me. This is how sages of late antiquity back. In the days of early roman kings you might say imagine sacred tech shouting out to them. Give me more voice in the world. These texts said we matter more. We can say by ourselves helpless. Say more dr shaney show the world while we matter that's why writers despite king solomon's warnings and he warned us about a lot of other things too. That's why writing about bob dylan matters. And that's why this conversation with our guest. Richard thomas george martin lane professor of classics at harvard university and the author of the book. Why dylan matters worse. -treme where your assignment on the history of the western world is due and it's the last day of the semester and you can't remember the name of the singer from minnesota who changed world and then your professor shows up at the door to hear your thesis and you haven't even started yet. Well you you let me be in your dream. And i'll let you be in mind. I'm steven daniel arnav. Welcome to episode aid of bob dylan about man. And god law our conversation with richard thomas author of why dylan matters. Help me understand. We mean when we talk about a classical poet and how you and others have the audacity to propose right to the world. That dylan's one of them. Well i'll give it a shot. Yeah make classical costco's back to the latin classes which means a fleet. Obviously claus comes from it. Says ivan elitist word. I mean might as well get that out that right away at implies A body of work that at least in its its primary understood sense. You know you have classic classic race horses in plastic boxes and so on but it implies from its First applications to greek and latin literature and reception about literature in antiquity in the middle ages and and beyond in a body of literature that is beyond compare at his in a class of its own. That is at is there for classical so we talked about classical latin and And late latin and medieval latin and neo latin soul of those labels in the sense. Look at the fact that. Oh it's like guitar. Las battle harris classical poets the poets to whom all later literature innocence looks back at me. Look back in terms of changing christianizing. That may look back in terms of translating it. Parodying it in any sort of way so that That you know that sort of.

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