Airbus, Makudi Astor, Biaggi discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Was already too as she was about leaves away. And then I realize okay husband is here. She had just given birth. And she put the job sentiment pretty plainly Airbus was gone. So she said, and I'm translating here. Have by selling legally I by. I will give gladly I will give the baby from my wounds. If I will think this is my baby, then how will it work? I have two children. I cannot take this child home. I will have to give I have no sadness. No problem. Anytime. For cudi. Ask these women are you conflicted? We have trouble giving the baby up. She always got the same answer name name name name. The also they'd be would happily give away the child and what they said. Biaggi? Did they're gonna. The baby comes out right now. Did you get a sense that these women didn't want it known that they were doing this? I mean, some of them did and some of them didn't because some women were like did equal. But a secret what they said. Like now that I'm here. My neighbors my family everyone knows. And then when Makudi Astor cycle at bats bath coach, Nick, do they have an opinion is that right or wrong? She answered no guy. Don't make you sick of us who Nathan Asia. I'm here for the money. I would not listen to any opinions if it was wrong. I would not come here. But some of them were lying. Why would I tell anyone there was one particular woman? Thirty two years old they Jeff nail polish on and she had let it's pink lipstick on to Keith. Oh god. She said people in my village, simply do not believe these things this week on anyone's had an annual janitor that one can have children by getting injected or taking medicine. They won't believe this. She kind of Jew parallels with how some of the people in a village had done something seemingly when the red cows or fishes some Tony sentiment. You said like, maybe they'll understand. But my family will not understand me. She says I have told.

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