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The doctor doug kgb read their chart or read up on the latest brilliant you know discovery of vitamin d is going to cure the world it's called thursday still busy taking care of all the medicare medicaid rules well i gotta tell ya well this is a house finance committee meeting and he was talking about our budgetary impacts in the cost of health care and he now wants to get in there and really just fine the standard of care of medical care and determine what your vitam indeed levels should be and that's what they're going to imbed into state genes backflow although all those going on with medicine now because we've got beancounters deciding how your medical care is going to be done yeah you've got naval senior meaning that they need to legislate what the doctor stu in this like locked in the door after the house burned down you worried about vitamin d worry about getting them food and making they're not out a mess in you know look let's start with the basics uh yeah greg store for god's sake comedian pick your web some vitamin d at walmart it's not that expensive i always forget to take mind but i'm supposed to do but again this is what the house finance we have crowley use have you know a budget gap which they keep saying there's just dramatic because they're spending us into oblivion and the focus of the house finance committee is paul seen the cochair miliver ring unappreciative into all the members that you know this is what we have to control our healthcare costs is make sure that we we said a standard how much vitamin d people have to have but what we can do control or call this thought pain legislatures legislators the waste our time on kraft like this the third it is i gotta tell you i just heard something that has the meet who it actually affects alaskan in the financial world not vitamin d levels for goss i know you didn't see this one come in and you won't see it on the news anywhere but i gotta tell you i almost died when i saw this was the topic of conversation at the house finance committee meeting today believable a jane thank you so much for the gall charles can you cue that section back where he's talking about how basically we just have to do this because doctors walk.

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