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From wondering i'm brooks ephron and i'm a risha good marvel yards and this is even the rich over the last four episodes. We followed madonna as she went from couch surfing. Spiring dancer in new york to a record-breaking rock and roll hall of famer but madonna story isn't over yet she still working making music and reminding us all that no one does quite like the weena. Pop exactly nothing slows madonna down. And she's hard at work on the next chapter in her ongoing evolution. Now we know how. Madonna got here. But we don't know as much about how she stayed here especially given all the criticism she received right so today we're talking to author roxane gay about sexuality in the nineteen eighties ageism in the music industry. And what makes madonna bad feminist. Roxane gay is a writer co host of the luminary podcast here to slay and the author behind several books including the new york. Times bestseller bad feminist. Before we get to that though. I feel like we should talk about our own relationship to madonna. Like i feel like everybody has their madonna moment. Where they. I discovered her right. Oh one hundred percent. My first memory of madonna. That lake really was like this is madonna. She's on the map in my head was the music video for material girl where it's like she's dancing and she's got all these managed in that pink dress and it's just so iconic. They replicated in gossip girl lake. It's truly just. I was like this woman knows fashion. This woman knows how to sing. This woman knows how to dance. I basically have all three things in common with her. Obviously to triple threats going through life. Yeah exactly how about you so yeah. My first memory of madonna is the like a prayer video. And i'm actually not sure how that's the case because i was like four when that video came out i can just remember us like dancing in my living room to like a prayer. I love. I love that song and you know we watched it back again recently. All of us. That etr like wow. This video is wild. Like that woman. Throwing madonna into the air finding that scene. I don't remember seeing that.

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