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Land stroll. No points again thirteenth <hes> F. One points Germany Hamilton leads boathouse by thirty nine drivers Merck over Ferrari by two hundred and seventy nine. It's done boys and girls theoretically F F two at Silverstone Aitken N._G._O.. Told winners Montreal's Nicholas Latifi good weekend for him to finish second and fifth in the Second Race Nascar Cup another try at a night run this one in Kentucky at work I like that waterlogged electrical mess at Daytona and it was Bush league all the way as in the Bush brothers Kurt and Kyle Busch battling door to door leaning on each other in the overtime laps it was great with older brother Kurt just edging Kyle at the flag for the win six one hundreds of a second I can depart and that's about that big not much at all. <hes> Eric Jones finished the race Third Cup points in New Hampshire. Kyle Busch leads Martin George Junior Nineteenth <hes> in Kentucky by seventeen points cut notes twenty year young Justin Haley still basking in his weather induced adduced first career cup wins surprising as it was at Daytona one thing he did talk about this is kinda surprising how hard it is to race cup cars in packs at big tracks like Daytona these cup cars men. There were a handful to drive. You know you'd think Daytona Hey Tony you just be wide open but we were lifting all we out of the gas in the center of the corner just to keep them underneath us. I mean ever Super Super Wild Dr Scary at some points and especially when you're three white the xfinity cars are lot easier. Dr Surprising Really Kyle Busch is one of the cab drivers you know who constantly wines and cries about the aero package new Guy Haley joins the chorus. I guess we should tell you that Hayley didn't even run Kentucky there. You GO NASCAR xfinity at that place that went to Cole custer trucks. Were busy there to earlier in the week tighter. And Chrome wins. I have no idea candidate stuart freezing. Though what a story the truck didn't pass tech they confiscated the truck put freezing tail and he stormed back to finish second. That's what do does NASCAR candidate Toronto indie claimed by Alex Tagliavini general tire a brand of continentals. The official rates tire of the Nascar Canada series continental tire sports car report brought to you by continental tire for what you do Imsa Porsche G._T.. Three Challenge Cup at the Toronto Indie windsors Roman Deangelis wins again the kid. It is red hot. It's going to be on the show here in a couple of weeks actually next week Ajax Jeff Kingsley second.

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