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Corresponding Karen Travers is in the DMZ history made at the border between north and South Korea president trump stepping across the line into North Korea the first US president to ever do that he shared a warm greeting with Kim Jong un the two men shaking hands chatting even sharing a laugh it was an honor that you asked me to step over that line and I was proud to step over the line I thought you might do that I was insured through a translator Kim said that moment was an expression of president trump's willingness to open up a new future with his country and it's corresponding Karen Travers reporting president trump has a degree to restart nuclear negotiations within weeks and he says he is not the object Mr trump also invited him to the White House there's no words words of foreign when and how that might happen when used on nine twenty three rainbow flags are flying in there is a big celebration later today fiftieth anniversary pride March in the city a huge parade steps off at noon Cathy ran a is the pride spokesperson she's as thousands are marching million there cheering them on we have the what will be the largest March ever in the LGBTQ communities history we have about a hundred fifty thousand people participating and then we are capping it all off for the closing ceremony in Times Square today's events also include a concert by Madonna pier ninety seven well there will be plenty of joy there will also be lots of traffic issues parade begins at noon at Fifth Avenue in twenty six street but much of fifth sixth and seventh avenues will close long before that also be a big day long pride of it in Brooklyn at Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue of course they were tended wins for traffic and transit on the ones and you can share your private us use a hash tag ten ten pride to send us your amazing pride pictures and videos today wins pride coverages sponsored by shoreline aviation services book online to the Hamptons at shoreline dot aviation dot com.

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