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Is our curb right here, so As they come by. They get their food, their drinks, margaritas or cold beer and taken along with their stroll down over Walk T. ABC is still requiring customers to purchase at least one food item with that alcohol purchase. How far along are efforts to create the first Corona virus vaccine with the encouraging early news about a potential Corona virus vaccine? Here's a quick guide to how the drug trial process works. Before any vaccine gets a green light from the FDA, it has to pass through three phases of testing. Phase One is a small study to see if the drug is safe, and if it creates immunity to the disease. That's where we are with. The vaccine, developed by Moderna, in face to the testing expands to include people likely to be susceptible to the virus. And later this month, the company will begin phase three testing on thousands of people That should determine if this vaccine is the really deal with the Texas Republican Party kicks off its online state convention today, the party has had to make a quick change after learning the in person event was canceled last week due to the pandemic, and I find it can help to start at the very beginning with openings. That's party Chairman James Dickey, working with the delegates on the transition of how their online convention will work there in person convention that was to be held in Houston was canceled due to the pandemic. Mayor of Houston tried to shut us down, but nothing will stand in the way of Texas Republicans handling the business. Far State Convention elect Our presidential electors for President Donald J. Trump at the Capitol. Chris Fox NEWS Radio 1200 Wook I. President Trump has demoted a former San Antonio businessman. Poor Scala's out. While veteran GOP operative Bill Stepien is in as President Trump's new campaign manager. The move comes his poles from Fox, NBC. Quinnipiac, another show the president trailing behind Democratic rival Joe Biden. It also comes after a Washington Post reporter portrayed bar Scala's self promoting and aloof the person and posted the news on Facebook, saying par scale will continue to play a role in the campaign working on digital strategies. As for Stepien, he served his national field director for the Trump campaign in 2016 to McAllen police officers shot and killed in the line of duty will be buried today following funeral services of the Macallan Convention Center. Hundreds of Mourners honored elder Miro, Garza Jr and Mild Chavez Jr yesterday during a public viewing the two officers were shot and killed Saturday while answering a domestic disturbance call. Another 1.3 million Americans filed first time claims for unemployment benefits last week, 10,000 fewer than the week before. It is 1/16 straight week of a 1,000,000 claims or more. The biggest increases and claims were in states like Texas. Security breach is being addressed A Twitter after hackers gain control of some high profile users accounts. Twitter officials say the hacks to its platform yesterday was a coordinated social engineering attack that targeted some of its employees who had access to internal systems and tools. The hackers broke into the Twitter accounts of high profile verified users, including former President Obama, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Tech billionaires like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and even celebrities. The hackers posted tweets offering to send $2000 for every 1000 sent to an anonymous Bitcoin address. The accounts were quickly locked down on the fake tweets deleted and verified. Users were blocked from posting while the issue was resolved. Well, gambling is looking beyond sports to stay in the game. Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg has this and focus report the largest cash prize in top chef history without a lot of sports to bet on during the pandemic draft kings is wagering on other pools, including TV shows and politics. Option of curb your enthusiasm, political debates. Jason Robbins, CEO of Draft Kings, says the pandemic is also sparking growth in fantasy sports scenes, or it's like Korean baseball really take off from the fantasy perspective. And then there's Esports. East Sports grew tremendously for us that we really expended that offering, adding a number of new e sports leads, apparently Ping Pong is also big for sports betters at draft kings and rivals like Fanjul and Penn National Gaming are also gambling that the pandemic will inspire more states to legalize sports betting. We're going to make it as easy for them as possible. Once they say, Yes, we'll launch and we'll start, you know, providing tax revenue right away..

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