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And get your tickets. That is a Thursday night and I am packed weekend. I do not think I'm going to be adding it show just simply based on the rest of the weekend. Why because Orlando has done so well? We've now added the third show. Wow Sunday on the third after I get back from Hollywood Florida on the second at the seminal hardrock casino and then we're closing out strong. Duluth Fargo Winnipeg Winnipeg when Winnipeg Winnipeg they say so good. They say it's so good. You gotta say it twice. That's why I've added a second show may ninth really and then we are ending the North American leg of the Birdie boy world tour in Greensboro North Carolina. That does not mean this tour is going to end end it is going on. That's just the first leg I still. I Larry boy man. If I didn't come to your city I'm coming to your city in the winter and the fall the we've got another a European tour planned European tour and I'm trying desperately. I want to go back to Australia. You do against off soon. It's a year's a new. It's a new our got a brand new hour. This is all You know what I'm boycotting Canada right. I'll talk about it later. Okay joking say wait a minute. nope Kendo probably be beyond the false. Were got I get a lot of emails about uh-huh Canada's one of the most important places in the world to me they have been so good to me my entire career my entire career Canadians are like I remember when we went to You should speak to Portland in Oregon too because a boy. Oh boy. I know Portland Seattle. They're not happy to Seattle We're supposed to be the first dates on the tour but it it overlapped with my shooting schedule and so So I apologize. We've had to reroute that. And the rerouting could not fit in to this date and this doug this leg that will kick off in the next lay in the next lurk that will kick off. You were supposed to be first Seattle Portland. I know. I'm afraid I'm hesitant to share that. They're gonNA be he fucking pissed. Yeah but I get so many emails. What what he's not coming to the Pacific northwest thirty? Something out Seattle Portland Vancouver. Always the they were first first shots world tour and it was last year too and they all of them sold out and all of them. We had a second shows and I was so who was the first time am I did a theater was in Portland. Was the first time I had done theaters for but was like the first theater. So I did in Portland and man it was so fucking amazing and then Seattle was Mike. Seattle was one of those places where I was I was just I was blown away. I was blown away. I think those were the might have been two shows. I had on the entire tour and Vancouver right not let Vancouver Down with them. Vancouver was in the middle of the drive all the way why. No one wants to hear funding here. This you want to hear about my guest today My guest today is a guy I have known one of for probably twenty years I I and I tell them this on the podcast when I was shooting my premium blend taping down on at U.. UCLA CLA. He was the warm up because he was doing warm up. I didn't share this within blouse shirt right now. And this is a insight into how my brain fucking works. Because here's the warm up. I thought he must not be the best guy like he like he. He can only hope one day to get a premium bruns special. I didn't realize I didn't realize did I Yeah and I didn't realize he'd already done premium blend and by the way he was doing has half hour and he was just warming up for it. And I didn't in this guy fucking blew up. That's I saw him work the crowd and he was so funny he was so he is I mean by the way he still is so naturally fucking who is probably this podcast is brought to you by nobody right uh-huh yeah. Nobody is going to throw an ad in there. But I don't need to say that it's brought to you by wife of the Party. Oh there we go. And the merchant Berber Berber dot. Contact the Birdie boy world tour. Yeah and Yeah and so no. Gabriel Iglesias okay. Ugly is I mean I think for twenty. This is bizarre. No one's had no. I don't think there's there's very few people that have had his longevity like just selling doing massive amounts of tickets like his fans are loyal this I I would. I would say that but I would also say his fans are loyal but like he just. I don't think he I don't think there's been a year where he has an added fans that's amazing. He's one of those guys that just keeps growing and growing like like professionally. And I'm I'm I'm I'm really. I'm all of his career because because it really is it it always has been operating at the highest level. I tell them this on the podcast. I'm sure but I remember doing Doing Oxnard but Not Irvine was the one out brea no the other one Ontario. You Remember Doing Ontario one weekend and Gabe was Gabriel's basis was the weekend after me and the weekend after that they had him two weeks back to back and people will go and see three shows for show. Low Does amazing it really is and and I didn't. Even I met him one time before that. I didn't even think he knew who I was. And then I heard him on cigarettes. PODCAST WHO Christina. I heard him say my name and I was like Oh my I got really excited. I was like he knows who I am But it's a pleasure talking to him. This is great. fucking podcast CHECKOUT HE I don't think he was promoted anything I think he just came to hang right Mr glasses on net flicks. It's his multi Cam Sitcom. It is fucking awesome. Awesome Ladies and gentlemen without further. Do.

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