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And what I honestly phone pointing the finger Duggar Carson. I'm pointing the finger, Doug. I'm caught my point a finger at both is coaching quarterback problem. Yeah. The Cowboys are better team. That's the real reality. Agreed. I just think the Cowboys are better team. Then Laurie Cooper made the Dallas Cowboys a better team fourteen that sputter on offense that was one dimensional that was very easy to defend a team that struggled to put points on the board. They've found a weapon in the passing game that they can rely on at least for now that deepens plays. Well enough to keep them in games in order to make plays at some point in the game. And so I just think when I look at the two teams I wouldn't have said that five weeks ago wouldn't have said that six weeks ago that the Cowboys were a better team. Oh, they're better team because an October. They didn't look like a better team. But I don't know how you deny moving forward what Amari Cooper brings to the table for the Cowboys team. So better team moving forward Ike. You know, what this is a year to year league? So I'll give them credit for being the better team this year. Just like they were the better team in two thousand sixteen but they weren't the better team in two thousand seventeen right? This is a year to year league. It's so the eagles have their work cut out for them. It won't be a cake walk through the NFC east during Carson's career. We as eagles fans we ought to be excited. We'll have great football in the future. But the organization has his work cut out for he does Dallas is a good young team that does just enough that they won't be a pushover didactic, DACA. Dak outplay Carson. Yes. Yesterday easily easily. Yards in the first half in. I think in in in in at least partial part to his ineffectiveness eight nine points at halftime three. That's because an amazing kick. Yeah. Let's be honest. Eagles were fortunate to be sure they were the Cowboys dominated the tunnel possession that may timing throughout the timely throw. He of course, he had the three turnover to two hundred no. And the fumble. But if not for that they may have had forty points on the board yesterday. I mean, they went up and now you almost put six hundred yards on this defense names did. Yeah. I mean, he missed on a couple of throws. It would add over five hundred yards. So people are people because I'll tell you what he made a couple. He made a hell of a throat to Cooper. We are. We are. I'll say where you're going with the whole Dak versus Carson what I'm going with the whole the whole thing. Yeah. I know people will have that conversation. Sure. You give me Carson Wentz. Well, I mean, I just just not going forward. But the bottom line is if you're saying that he outplayed Carson Wentz yesterday. Well, that's that's concerning. Why they loss? Just you'll get our Nick foles outplayed Tom Brady. And that was the biggest game, of course career. He played by tech Prescott. So I mean that wasn't basically concerning that wasn't facing the Cowboys defense that was facing the eagles defense. Yeah. I mean the Cowboys defense. Yeah. Is it not better than the evil? I mean, I it sure was. So what was short is. Okay. Quarter Dallas defense and look like eighty five bears. When Carson was throw the ball down the field on them. And they were they were moving moving. The ball will get you my opinion, you're pretty to make your case to case you wanna me eight eight eight seven to nine hundred ninety four you wanna make a case for that. I just I told you I'll play Carson what else to say. I'm not I'm not wanna trade Carson winning. I'm not making a case for Carson. What I'm hearing out of you is you're saying like, I know concern with Carson. He's he's last on my list. All right. I'm telling you that that while I don't think the course which isn't a quarterback of the future would I saw him yesterday. And this year makes me think differently about what quarterback he is in the National Football League. That's.

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