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They're all have a limited income, and you're basically reintroducing towers east to the upstate and helping these folks find affordable housing, and that has to be that's different for you. Is it not? That really is Joey, and it's like you said it's really rewarding. We get to work with people. And I'm repeating what you said. But it's important that are on fixed incomes. These people don't have a lot of options. So they re rely on us to to give him a Ford -able housing and not just a formal housing housing. You wanna live in somewhere, you'd wanna take a relative and make sure that they were taking care of there being clean environment with all the immunities that they would need to have a healthy life there, and Brian you've been around Greenville for awhile to, and we we all know as mentioned a minute ago. We know the challenge of affordable housing downtown. I mean few years ago. Did you ever think that we would see the the boom that we're seeing in in living people living downtown, I really did actually know the mayor from years past and he had mentioned that he's been, you know, something he's been thinking of for years and planning. It was no mistake green both really planned will. But to see. See the boom like you're talking about the last three years or so all the apartments in downtown Greenville and around down will it's amazing. And like you said those are apartments that are very nice and a lot of ways very expensive and with towers east. They're making affordable living downtown, which is almost unheard of yet. Well with the new development, and I was speaking with a buddy of mine just a couple of weeks ago about the building going on in downtown green one, I'm the lifelong Greenville. So I'll remember the days when when I was was a child, and my mom would take me downtown to shop, and you know, you had a JC Penney down there you had bail. You had Meyers Arnold who which was a local business. And and that's where I shopped when I was in in school, and then as I got closer to high school, you had Haywood mall opened Greenville mall, and and of course, we'd had Macau square for while there, but things moved out of downtown. And there was a period of time there, Brian that you didn't even wanna be downtown. It wasn't a kind of a great. It was. It was a little bit of a goes pound. Wasn't it? Yeah. It was. There was nothing there. There was no reason to go down there. But look we've seen that change so drastically, but I was talking with his buddy of mine who's sort of in the developing field there, and he was saying that there's about five thousand new units while apartments and condos that are under construction. This very moment. And that's just just amazing that this many people are wanting to live downtown. And of course, as you mentioned with the higher in the comes with higher, rents a higher mortgage payments. And it's really become an issue with having housing affordable is pushing some people out of the downtown area because they just can't afford it..

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