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I feel bad because you know they've been bad for a while but is there any sort of Think we can expect from these thing over or under even three and eighteen over the last two seasons at that's That's tied with kansas for the the least productive five programs. I don't despite the fact that they're tied with kansas there. I don't put them in the same categories kansas. I think Kansas has real issues that they need to fix and they might be underway to fixing them right now. I don't know the answer. That the problem with vanderbilt right now and what i think will be a continuing problem for that. Program is to transfer portal because they have had guys who were know top five round. Nfl draft picks over the years. That i think going forward will will recognize it like unproductive at vanderbilt at middle linebacker. What happens if i go to alabama. I could start for that. And and i could enjoy playing for a national championship or playing for conference. Titles so i just don't think clark lee has the talent to really get much done right now. I mean they. They have a returning quarterback and that good sign They got a defense. It was a abysmal One hundred twenty third in yards per play last year. Meanwhile clark was directing the notre dame defense fifteenth in the country in yards perplexed. He's going to have to is going to have the learn to win with less athletic players. In what notre dame has had I don't see him beating. Colorado state. I don't see him being stanford the probably beat east tennessee state I don't see a whole lot of wins left in that program the first year coach bump at a at a program like vanderbilt Or program that's really suffered can can be worth win shares if you wanna think of it that way but when they lost guys who opted out or left the program last year because there are so tight with derek. Mason mason was fired in the middle of the season. I still don't understand. It wouldn't have cost you clark early or anybody else. You're considering it's a head coach. It just costs morale and that was a huge drop for them. Now i will throw this out in the beginning of our conversation with vanderbilt We have learned that. Lsu has a high vaccination rate we learned that the alabama some people in in hoover were saying it was upwards of ninety four percent. Nick saban said they're just shy of ninety percent from a vaccination rate. No question of mine. That saving is going to demand is players be as fully vaccinated as a can from roster standpoint. Vanderbilt will be one hundred percent in that is because at vanderbilt. This is this upcoming academic year. If you're a student advantage but you have to have a vaccination to attend class. That is requirement of every vanderbilt student so their football program by proxy will have one hundred per vaccination rate. They're not losing any games to forfeit. Because they can't feel the team what value you wanna put on that I'm not sure. But that's that's where the point of the could default win program is yes yes if anyone's going to default win and grab a forfeit. It's going to be banned. i liked. That is something. Certainly a caveat worth mentioning and important one especially when you have a win total about three and a half south carolina. It's going to take some time. I would imagine to turn this program around. Where do they stand in relation to either vanderbilt in a win. Total four yet. Carolina loss last six last year bad morale around the program same thing. Let's spend a bunch of money during a pandemic fire will champ When it hadn't been done before couldn't be done. After which i didn't i didn't really understand. I think they're going to be better than some. Expect i i. I'm not promising like a a massive win. Total for them. But i'm shane beamer. Ken give them for sure. Coaches bump you know with the energy and enthusiasm he's bringing..

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