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Back. Then i think chris pontius was making seventy five thousand dollars a year and he was he was a starter maybe one fifty but he. He was doing fairly well for him. I mean he was making one hundred. Two hundred thousand pieces focus on us out. But i'm just saying like the the threshold like there but for the grace of go. God go i situation. They could be like joe wilson making sixty five thousand dollars so he was he was he was yeah. He was definitely on that league. Minimum minimum was sixty five thousand. So so that you can see. It's a lot easier for them to put them themselves in your shoes when you guys like make us of money. But that's i think that's probably a little bit of the explanation for why the big divide from the professional athlete to the fan but either way it was a great story and a great job it is. It is indefinitely a definitely. Check it out Let's drop some some talks tailgate. I want to drop that again. Archies dot com slash tailgate. We are going to be doing a sort of lot. Eight virtual bring your beer. Bring your best drink We're gonna talk. Dc we're gonna talk lineups we're going to do a live show were dvd on. Maybe some guests. We're going to try to try to get for you guys We have obviously our pieces are recap interviews of donald pines hunt. Steve definitely check those out. some interesting details from zoltan also agreed interview with donovan. Pines us to definitely check that out. listen enjoy we. We do this content for you. all subscribe. our interviews of course will come early When i get them get edited. They go up right away on the website so definitely Definitely be there are subscribe at the patron dot com slash refugees dot com froeler content twitter dot com on instagram facebook. All the good things. I guess that we will see you guys on thursday..

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