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Batanes his reurn you trust after way he pitched on thursday chapman will be there but kenny yankees offensively who with tara to cover of the ball tuesday not a yankee stadium hit home runs all over the art can a do enough with the bats in order to win this game and avoid a twonil deficit fascinating day baseball now one not to not dory before games can i write zaza void odu palmer ends on amount against gaggle and kenny yankees avoid out two with the bat batty on the mouth against color you watch the three games on thursday as shows dominator and south indians dominate the yankees all these two teams just way better a we on a collision course for he's thin and cleveland in the league championship series i he'll have a much better idea cut friday 515 err on his early friday morning j after there are jansy stransky informers said here on a fair and get a board and aids seven seven thirty thirty seven sixty six sixty six three yankees fall ford and out than it a cleveland indians the magic touch of tito francona as facts again and yeah sunny gray was that great he did not do his job but to say now that his career any trade that brian cashman made is a failure i'm sorry that is absolutely absurd and the biggest case for the yankees if they are going to go back home.

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