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Between sword and scale stroke, and this is war. We now have a team of about ten people on staff we've found each and every one of them through ZipRecruiter. It's the smart way to hire. You know, what's not smart job boards? It's candidates that just aren't qualified job boards that send you a mile high stack of resumes to sort through job boards that make you wait for the right people to apply for your job job boards. That just assume qualified candidates will see apply to your job. But you know, what smart going to ZipRecruiter dot com slash monsters to hire the right person. Unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter finds qualified candidates for you. It's powerful matching technology scans thousands of resumes to identify people with the right skills education and experience, and then actively invites them to apply to your job. So you get qualified candidates fast. Very fast. 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Surco jump off. I'm sitting. She monster. She doesn't stop like seriously kid has it today. No, don't don't family likes baby. John was thriving as a caring wife and mother, but her life had always been so glorious in twenty ten she was coming out of a messy divorce that took place the year prior and slowly but surely began to feel like a new woman until a string of health problems threaten to steal the new life. He had been working so hard to rebuild years ago. Two thousand ten I went from meeting I six which was about one hundred and thirty five pounds for me to going to size one slash zero. Which was a good twenty pounds that I lost. And with losing all that way. In a matter of I would say three to four week period. I was also feeling extremely terrible to the point where I did not wanna get out of bed. Literally didn't get out of bed for days. I finally drug myself to the doctor's office and. And made them to all kinds of tests. I wanted to know what was wrong with me. A part of me was changing. I went from being super energetics super happy. Just all around happy person. I love going out and doing things I loved getting together with friends I loved I loved working sounds crazy. Right fast-forward about two weeks, which was the first week of may of two thousand ten when they diagnosed with lupus from there. I was lost. I had no idea what in the world. Lupus was. Of course, we turn to Google, and what's Google tell you Google Jerry Di so in theory. I was freaking out. I was overreacting. I had all these things going on with me. And I know I d- what was going. I had no idea whether newfound lupus diagnosis the last thing on Shannon's mind was dating, but her friends attempted to find someone who could help raise her spirits. It seemed they were missing their fun loving happy. Go lucky friend, and they wanted her back at that time. I went to a little bit of a depression. I was really side emotional all my motions were everywhere. And I didn't know where to turn. And at the same time, my friend, a mutual friend of mine since a friend requests about eight months prior for Chris, and I deleted it. I had no interest in dating. Anyone? I wasn't looking for a boyfriend. I was working. I was goal oriented. I was a dreamer. I'm always been a dreamer. I've always wanted everything in life to be perfect. So anyway, fast forward in a dark place. All of a sudden, I get a friend request from Chris. I said what the heck I'll never meet him. He's just a Facebook friend. I have a million of them. Nothing's going to come of it. Well. Two weeks later, we finally meet on a blind date. Sometimes love finds us when we least expect it though. Shannon hadn't planned on anything serious coming from accepting Chris's friend request their relationship. Quickly flourished from there. I couldn't get rid of him. I tried. He wouldn't go away. He was stuck. I drug him to colonoscopy. I drive him to Rheumatology appointment after Rheumatology appointment, I draw him to my spinal tap, which was awful a student did it which I'm all for people learning. But now, I'm gonna comes. So that was really rough and ended up falling in love with him. On

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