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The Texans was would ones coverage on the fan at eight PM here's your body Frank right boom races we can stop anyone our defense right now and I normally use from noises like our defense right ours which yeah I mean like where are in my mind one of the best defenses in only plan right now and and we're playing as a unit and they're taking on a team led by deshaun Watson who says we can't get ahead of ourselves with this game got to go out and win every other just you know focus on one drive focus on one moment at a time we can't we get in that way and show you care to weigh in and try to panic or you know try to put too much pressure on ourselves near weird team Houston there we say look really good and we still are like last week and I know I think they were terrible in their plan all the more and Lamar Jackson ran all over but you know no Marlon Mack tonight for the colts that's a that's a big loss for them last week they ran for over two hundred yards against the Jaguars the interesting to see you know this Houston defense all the injuries that they have in their secondaries like piecemeal whether or not they can stop the running game I'd it without more America the calls tonight couple more clips from levy on bell who tweeted the will not take another random drug test from the NFL yes he will we're no no but he said he's had enough of the dirty dirty asks needle well I was in love you Steve what here's Belize's enough with the needle one I don't like needles whatever whatever uses another time finding yes Sir again my okay and but they got to be too much.

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