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Fascinating. Who? My brother you. You don't want to open it bothers me. Careful. Careful, You know, as a matter of fact, don't even contact me here fall. Hey, uh be, um, sign your check kiting and tiny check. Yeah. Hey, along that be Be. How's your morning going, baby? Oprah do for the dog woke me up to 45 needed to go out. So I'm a little tired. But how are you? Well, thanks for asking. I've had better days and We have a little story to tell you, Bea Arthur. Okay, that you won't believe Okay. Alexis, can you hold your laughter until the story's done place? Start the story juicier. Br that you've heard of a man named Howard Stern, right? Yes. Okay? You heard the news yesterday that he just signed a new deal, right? I did okay, five years. Yeah. So that news broke during my TV show, so I talked about it on the TV show and you know, and I've said it on this broadcast. I'm a giant Howard fan as are you okay? Right. I am And he is a fan of yours. Yes. Okay. Wow. She's she's She's right there. I'm going to play something for you. And as I play it just know that it's like a blooming onion. It just keeps getting better. Okay? Okay. You ready? I'm ready. You think? Uh, that? Yeah, this is from the Howard Stern show. Yeah. This is from the Howard Stern. Well, yeah. Here we go. This guy in Minnesota Jason of the Jason show he is like my biggest supporter. Compliment. He compliments by interviewing skills. His co host gave me a compliment in my hair. I mean, it was a love fest. They were so excited about it. Here. Listen to Jason of the Jason Show in Minnesota. There's a very popular TV show wonder how he came up with that name. It's hard, same way I came up with the Howard Stern show, but it was not making the same jokes he's made in the nineties. Because now he's evolved into single handedly one of the best broadcasters In the business right now, Nobody does a celebrity interview. Like Howard, You walk in with a question mark over over celebrities head. I don't know about them, and you walk out every single Howard Stern interview, liking and respecting that person more. Howard is the only person that could get you a toe like Katherine Heidel. Oh, you're saying I didn't like Captain Hydra before that interviews such a quiet? Yeah, So anyway, I love him. He's the best and I love Beth and I like Fred, two and Robin, of course. So congratulations. It is big news for radio and it's It's He's fantastic. I I in honor of Howard. I have to say his curls in his hair. Mothers would do terrible things to be able to have Children with curls in there. Okay, I'm gonna pause. It came because right there you're thinking. Oh, that's fantastic. Jason is Been talked about by Howard. Right, Right. B, right? Yep. That's why you go, Okay? Barely. They're just perfect. There's so flouncing bouncy. It's what's on my mind. That's why I'm saying good looking guy Baba Booey. Say good looking hair. I mean, you can't get it, but I even Yeah. So, uh, Had called him one time like a year to go to Thank that say, you know, I gotta tell you, I told you this. I called him and I said Jason member it but that only eight. Yeah, I called him like two years ago. And he said, Oh, my God. This is so wonderful. Even the one on TV the next day and said Howard called me was the greatest day, Ma So you know, yesterday I'm feeling like really good. And I said, You know what I'm going to do after I heard this woman calm and thank him again. We'll have another conversation. Check in with him and see how he's doing. I thought would be nice. I called him because he gave me his number from two years ago. And it goes voicemail full. Oh, I wanted to leave him. At least America their voicemail. He doesn't clear his voicemail. But I did call him yesterday, Which you know is rare for me to pick up the phone. But, Jason, you missed the call. Yeah, I had a whole bunch of things I was going to tell you, but, yeah. When I call people too. I think you know, I called from a line that doesn't No, it's blocked, so it doesn't identify. Yeah. So I think people think I'm calling like from China, and I'm looking at selling something Damn or whatever they call that when you get those calls So Jason of the Jason show I called you and yesterday. I just know that but your voicemail is full. The lead some of those voicemail so we can leave you a message. Um Bea. Arthur. Wow, Um Bea Arthur. What? Daisy? Um Be just to recap. Okay, let's just just over that later. Let's recount. The biggest Person in radio. In our industry. Called me Yeah, right. Right. Check, right. If you're making the list, check Up check. And I rolled him into voice mail check. Yeah, Yeah, check that's that's so unusual for you. Okay? I don't mean what did you go to the Colin Mathis in School of reaction? Check, suppress press and then And then My voicemails were fall. I didn't clear all my voice mails. Oh, I can't believe this Stern. Howard Stern couldn't leave me a message. Because I had 31 minute and 30 minutes. Messages from Dan Semen. Women Dance fall Yeah. Dance ball dance fault. I am three handfuls three messages over a minute long from high have my time. My shirt. That I didn't it. Hey, Jason. Wanna play trivia, huh? Hey, how's everything gone? Okay, look, So you're fired. I mean, you know you don't start to the compliment so anyway. I love I really love the show. And I really wish you'd play pretty anymore, But yeah, So are we clear on what has occurred in the last three hours? Be Okay, So what does it hurt? Um, I.

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