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Even a larger convention center. Does anyone have an appetite for that the Milwaukee business journal's rich Kirch around that idea up the municipal flake Lewisham heavies around town. He joins us live on WGM Jake, boarding rich morning. So this idea actually had been brought up by some municipal leaders not too long ago. But now you're saying nobody wants this thing the linger anymore. Yeah. That really seems to be the case it was actually people in the business community as well as some other sort of civic leaders metropolitan association, Milwaukee association commerce, misery two years ago. You know, we're we're talking about anything from in. This just the Milwaukee county. The cats will go away in the other four counties. But yeah. Milwaukee county seem to have the greatest needs. So so why not do something there? But yeah, when I when I checked around now with with the you know with that tax sunset insight. I it seems like there's there's just not the the energy or the will there to to try to push that through rich. You have in your article again. And as gene mentioned to the Milwaukee public museum is in desperate need of of new home. The Mitchell park domes are falling apart. Do we do? They have any ideas on how we can start addressing some of these things. The short answer is no the other answer is I, you know, not Milwaukee county government leaders tiny executive Abeille, the Milwaukee county board, of course, are well aware that they need to do something they they just finished a task force. And and, you know, a documented in February saying, you know, they call it a fair deal for no Joaquin county. They're trying to figure this out. They want to get more state aid a back they say the county's paying more into the states and it's getting back by. But there there's no specific plan. They they haven't ruled out some kind of sales tax Milwaukee county itself. Already is maxed out with a half cent sales tax. We're live with the Milwaukee. Business journal's rich Kirch in on WTMJ. We had the mirror on earlier, and he mentioned are strange relationship with Madison from over the years. Maybe now, do you think with a democratic governor and legislature that's half democratic maybe that olives gonna come out of the journey more revenue will come Milwaukee's way? Well, I we're certainly seeing that already with governor Heaver budget proposal, and and then his capital projects proposal that he released yesterday. There's a lot of money in there for projects in Milwaukee at UW on campus. Medical College of Wisconsin. A new state office building security tension facility other state or w system functions. So there's no doubt. The governor's office is is more friendly than Milwaukee, Milwaukee county democratic strongholds, but the legislature still is controlled by the Republicans. So there's going to be a lot of back and forth to say, the least best dating story from the or the Milwaukee business journal's rich Christian on WTMJ about extending perhaps that Miller park. Sales tax short answer, not many people have a taste for that rich. Thank you so much. Thank you. You bet. Eight twenty five at WTMJ. Steve's goofy is off betting for him. Scott worse next on WTMJ's sports,.

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