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So now, I'm kind of in shock will. Now, everybody starts to Russia. And I know slow to rush the stage. Right. I'm like, wait a minute. He's dedicating that song to me. Get out of the way. I get to be in front of muscles my win. And I got there. And I was is. He was looking he's he's looking at me. Like, I was saying thank you. Thank you and holding my heart and thank you. So it was an amazing surreal experience. Thankfully, my friend recorded it. And then his video team must have thought. This was very because he doesn't really dedicate songs to fans like that. They sent me they isolated the actual video feed on this. So I have this crisp perfect Cristine video of him dedicating it, and you can't see me. But he turns and smiles I mean, it's it's awesome. It's unbelievable. But what I just want to say. I apologize. I'm running a little here. But he's got four hours. That's true. I only had two so I'm dying here. But the crazy thing about the story and what life is. So think about this. Two weeks before my friend. Has a dispute with this online secondary market and gets these bad tickets that he says he didn't order, right? If he would have gotten the tickets, he originally ordered. He doesn't go to Madison Square Garden that day and get the two front row tickets, right which then inspires me to want to go there and get my front row seat. If I'm not in the front row. Elton doesn't see me and doesn't make this connection. Because I really believe he was going to do. I think he had every else I think was going to say because he said I have friends here. I'm not as friend. Right. Right. Right. So I think he called an audible and just said, you know, what this guy is at all these concerts and look at them tonight. He's going nuts. Let me just give him a solid. There was no pun intended. And and. Wow. So I so think about this the stars and had to align. If if if the brokerage doesn't give my. A hard time. He doesn't buy those tickets. I don't buy the ticket. I'm not there and Elton doesn't dedicate that song to me. And yet they all aligned, and I remember when you posted that it was the most amazing thing. I can't imagine how you felt. I can't I still can't. And I I'm not joking. I have it on a CD. I played at my Carl. Let me ask you this. Because I I've liked Elton John forever. I finally went to the first concert. Oh, you right. Is this? I got the feeling that he's serious about this being the end. Oh, definitely. Because a lot of a, you know, a lot of acts. Oh, we're on our farewell notice is to be the fair. A tour he will perform I know he's back at Rosemont in February. He even when this tour is over in two thousand twenty one he will continue to perform maybe residencies in Vegas or in New York. We'll play a couple of weeks at a time case. But in terms of the big world Tour World tours where he's on the road three months at a time that thing because he wants to spend time with these kids. So that giant tour kind of performances going, okay? You would still be able to see him, but you'll have to travel, right? He's not gonna. Yorktown Laura you're going to have to go see him. Well, it was it was wonderful. And I can see why you know, I could see why you've enjoyed the show for so long because I've enjoyed the music forever. I mean, this is a really out captain fantastic. Trek? Even makes a joke. You bought the album? Yes, the CD's the eight tracks sets. So it was it was a an unbelievable concert. I can't imagine the feeling. So how does your friend know to be recorded? Joe he was just recording. He was just he was recording the whole show on his phone. Yeah. And so he just you know, so I just had that audio. And then they sent me this video, which is amazing. And as I said, I know one of the guys in his band a couple of guys in his band, and after it happened I looked over there and even his guitar player. Who's been with them for forty years guy? Davey johnstone? He looked at me and said, wow. So that doesn't happen. Very and like I said it was so cool as he said my name correctly didn't even mispronounce everybody pronounces it. And I really felt when you hear that you know, that it was very heartfelt. And I think that he was gonna say a lot of friends here tonight. And then I think he just said, you know, what let me just give you this giant break. And so yeah, it was very cool. But then I thought back I think about these these different things that had to happen to come together for that to happen. It was crazy, but very relations on that. And I hate to Russia about five no from we'll thank you for joining me here in WGN nightside happy thanksgiving and the Christmas season is officially in gear. And thank you for inviting us into your car, your home your life. We are grateful to be Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio on tune in. Stay tuned after the news, you will be having a Brian. Newnan and what till five o'clock, right? Very cool. The news is sponsored. But it is on right now. It is one. Oh four and here's the news with Dan, Dan Clemens. Thank you guys. We'll talk to you soon. Thank you, Jim thirty four degrees under fair skies at O'Hare. Police say a teenager was shot and killed overnight by an off duty Chicago police officer deputy chief Alan the goats the teenager was shot and trying he was trying to rob the off duty officer as he sat in his car in the fifty eight hundred block of north Talmon the civilian office of police accountability is investigating the shooting. There's no body Cam video of the incident once the incident is.

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