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C. Jackson interception of Sam Darnell's That is the ninth interception for J. C. Jackson. So far this season. He has played very, very well. And Cam Newton hit Devon on CSC, The rookie tired and out of U C L. A. He went into this game today with no receptions always got to receptions and a touchdown in this game, and the bottom line is with 13 50 to go here in the game. It's the Patriots leading the Jets, 21 to 14 Rich. It's a very tight one Admit Life Stadium where the Giants have a slim lead over the Cowboys. Let's check in with Mike Mancuso. Giants lead 20 to 16 1 23 remaining in the fourth quarter. Dallas has the ball 2nd and 10 on the Giants 24 Yard line. Andy Dalton Engineering. A real nice drive is he now scrambles and slides across the 10 yard line for a first down for the Cowboys. Now this giant lead at 1.20 to 9 actually was 20. Six. There was a miss the extra point by Graham, you know, And that's the reason the Giants have 20. But the Cowboys taking advantage of a Daniel Jones interception that was actually off the hands of tight and Evan Ingram, who has had another tough day with a couple of dropped passes. The Giants Pro Bowl tight end and Dalton engineered a nice drive in Zeke Elliott had a one yard touchdown run. Now. The Giants on their next possession, had the punt and now Dalton bringing the Cowboys right back, and there's an injured player on the field for the Cowboys, So we'll get it up there on that. But right now, the Cowboys Trailing by four points 20 to 16. They have the ball 1st and 10 on the 11 yard line. It and enriched Giants defense has been playing downhill here in the third quarter. We'll see if they can hold on and maybe keep the Cowboys out of the end zone. But at this point, it's 20 to 16. They lead 1 10 remaining here in the third quarter. All right, let's head to Tom Maicon's in the Tampa Bay, where it started out as a pretty easy day for the Buccaneers. Not so much anymore, some well midway through the second quarter, but the Buccaneers the Bills of 20 to 3 lead over the Atlanta Falcons. That is not the case. Right now they're holding onto a slim 23 2 20 leaders. The Falcons have come back strong here in the third quarter 19 yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Russell gauge the 21 yard field goal from Yung Wei Qiu. Brought them back to a 23 to 20 margin. However, the Buccaneers have driven the ball down into the red zone almost of the red zone there 27 yard line with the second intent at this point. So the Tampa Bay Buccaneers intent on getting some points back up on that board. We thought maybe we'd see Tom Brady for a half and then Blaine Gabbert might run the scene for the second half. That has not been the case. Brady has been in there the entire time, and the scoreboard tells the story as to why that is Antonio Brown has had a lot of catches here in the second half, and he can't There's another one takes it down inside the five yard line, so Tampa Bay getting close to a score 11 49 to play in the fourth quarter at this point a to the score at the moment. Tampa Bay 23 Atlanta 20. The route is on in Cincinnati, where we check in with Jason Erhard. Yes. 72 Yard touchdown run by JK Dobbin Since we last spoke, has made it 38 3. The Ravens ended the third quarter with 350 yards rushing as a team. They racked up a few more sense than they're approaching about 3 80. I'm looking it up rich. I believe the all time record for 23 a game so we might see some history here was still about 12 minutes to go in the ball game of the Ravens can run a few more yards here. Lamar Jackson is out of the game. Tyler Huntley is expected in a quarterback here for the Ravens is we're just winding the clock out Bangles, probably wishing they could hop down to the last 12 minutes of the season here, but Play out the string 38 3 Ravens 11 minutes to go from Paul Brown Stadium. What a homecoming. I guess if you will for JK Dobbins, Jason, five touchdowns the last five games on two more today, including that 72 yard run. Yeah, And he probably endeared himself to some of the locals who go for the Ohio State Buckeyes around here. Did the O h i o thing when he was in the end zone. So yeah, I guess sort of a homecoming 100 miles from Columbus. But, yeah, he's had a big game. And what that Ravens rushing attack and be tough to stop in the playoffs. Yeah. 13 for 1 60 Today. Lamar Jackson is over 1000 yards for the second straight year. It has been all Baltimore today. Thank you very much. Jason Erhard in Cincinnati, where Dobbins says. Clearly become the number one running back for the Baltimore Ravens. With Mark Ingram heading to the bench, the 40 Niners today in Arizona hosting the Seahawks and the Seahawks already playoff found trying for playoff seeding and checking in his Riley Young Ryan, How are you? Hey, pretty good rich. How about yourself doing just great. This has been a very rough year for the defending conference champs and roll end today, and I would assume it just can't come soon enough for Kyle Shanahan and company given all of what they went through me. You look at all the injuries they had the season started with back to back games on the East Coast in weeks two and three and now ends today, just trying to figure out where they're going to go next year. No, no, absolutely. I mean, I'm sure nobody thought But that just goes to show you how crazy 2020 was that these guys had to play their home games in Glendale, Arizona, of all places, and you've only had one true home win their one and six. A zoo home record entering the final game of the season. And, of course, more than half of these games being played in Arizona, which, of course, provides no home field advantage for them whatsoever. I just think you know, I gotta give him credit, though. I mean, they've hung in there tough if you think about it. One and six at home. So if they had just a few more wins, I mean, this is a team. Probably that's in playoff contention. All right on the bubble. Absolutely. Um, you know the way things have gone..

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