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It's smart to do an extension now, or perhaps wait, the pros of doing it now is you get something done when the quarterback market could explode next year when guys like Joe burrow and Justin Herbert are amongst the players eligible for an extension, so chef has there been any talks between the Broncos and Russell Wilson about an extension because he's currently only under contract for two more years. We'll feel that I think when the Denver Broncos make this deal, they do so knowing that at some point in time sooner rather than later they'll probably have to extend Russell Wilson. Now there's a change in ownership there in Denver where they're waiting for the Walmart family to be approved here and obviously to move forward there. But if you look at Russell Wilson's contract right now, it's already out of date. He's got two years and $41 million left on that contract to make $19 million this year. And so Denver knows it has a big bargain. It knows that it invested an awful lot and Russell Wilson and we talked earlier in the show about a potential timeline via George kittle for deebo Samuel. And I would think that it would be something similar with Russell Wilson here. Some point before the start of the season, it wouldn't be a surprise if these two sides were able to come together to figure out an extension, but I would think that that would be something that both sides would want to make happen. And as we know, the price tag for quarterbacks could creep up to north of $50 million per year as soon as next off season, maybe even this off season. I realized if you can have special outcomes that you got to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Man, I had an opportunity to get a quality dude that is a more than capable coach. One of my sayings I got a lot of sentence is dope sick dope seek comfort. You better be willing to do unique things in order to expect unique results, like McDonald's, right? You know what the number one is. The number one is the number one, and that's what I want Pittsburgh to the football to be. When you watch somebody do something at a certain level for so long, it messes up your perceptions of what's regular and what's not. I don't run away from coaching. I run two coaches. Yo, would it be great? I need to be with what this 2022 team needs me to be. The standard is the standard. Gosh, such a good interview. RC, what was your takeaway from sitting down with coach Tomlin? One, that's who I've always known him to be. The thing I was happiest about is that the world got kind of an opportunity to know a little bit about how smart he is, how much he understands leadership, how much he understands people. My biggest takeaway was that he's actually excited about 2022. And listen, not every team is built to win a championship. And when you lose someone like Ben Roethlisberger, you would think some fear creeps up in your mind that you're doing it for the first time without your future Hall of Fame quarterback, but the excitement in his eyes and in his voice when he said, you know what? This is a new team. And I have to be whatever I have to be for this team to win. And running into the coaching that it's going to take for the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers to be successful, that made me excited for this team. Whereas I was like, oh, it's going to be different without being, where would they find offense? How would they be good? Where is the leadership? I see now. He feels the leadership is in that locker room, and he's ready to coach these men to be different this year. The RC, I'm sitting here thinking when I'm watching the interview, obviously phenomenal head coach, record speaks for itself. Super Bowl winner. I'm sitting here thinking to myself, this guy could be like the commissioner of the NFL one day with the way that he just has this presence about him that is simply it's magnetic. And he is a leader that much is for sure. Mike Tomlin also shared some insights on second year running back najee Harris in the integral role of leadership that he can play for this franchise going forward. Let's take a listen on this one. That dude, the bell cow. He gonna have to be a bell cow for us. If this train going anywhere in 2022, he could be a major component of it in his capable. I ain't even talking about it from a talent standpoint. We know that. I'm talking about he's capable from an intangible standpoint. Bringing the best out in his teammates, wearing a responsibility that comes with leading. He just young. And so it's been a fun project. So RC, how much does the passing of the leadership torch to naji mean in your mind? That means it's on. It means a ton forward to be said publicly in that way. He's not only talking to us and speaking to the pivot. He's speaking to the world. He's speaking to the Pittsburgh Steelers that he's anointing this guy because he's capable because he has the stuff that it takes to lead to put the team first to put teammates first. I mean, you can go back to his draft day and having his draft party at a homeless shelter because he was once homeless himself. This is a guy who gets it. We saw the talent on the field. Last year, this year we'll get an opportunity to see how his leadership affects the locker room and affects the team. Niko, he was great last year in the conversation for offensive rookie of the year. But how important is nausea to the success of this dealer's offense, which again, first time starting a new quarterback in seemingly forever? Yeah, he's going to be a huge piece. And when you have a running back that's that physical that can really carry the load of the team and especially with a young quarterback, we don't know who the starting quarterback is going to be week one. So him being able to come in, be consistent, be that leader. You can be a young leader. You can be a second year guy and be a captain, a leader of men just by going out there, day in and day out and consistently doing things the right way. He's the guy that can do that. So again, I think he's going to have a huge year, and he's going to have to for this dealer team to go where they want to go. Listen, Nico is exactly right. When you look at when the Pittsburgh Steelers are their best, they lead with their run in and they can push the football down the field. Now you're going to have a quarterback that's mobile. You're going to have a team that can do some different things offensively, but they're going to have to stop the run D on defense and run the football offensively. And that starts with naji Harris. I think the guy is a star. He's going to be a bill call for years to come there, but it's going to be extremely vital, especially early that naji shows that he can carry this team on his back, which would allow Mitchell trubisky or Kenny Pickett to make the plays in critical football moments, not necessarily have to go out and win games offensively as they come along and get adjusted to be in the Pittsburgh Steelers new starting quarterback. You know, RC, the fact that it was a second year player that Mike Tomlin was semi anointing as the next leader to me was notable. But I thought about it a little bit deeper. This is also a player who plays running back. We have gotten to this point in the NFL where we just say turning and Burnham, right? Running back one for a year, two or three, and then we move on to the next. Draft someone who's younger and cheaper with less tread on the tires. What do you think it says about nausea is a human that Mike Tomlin is anointing a guy who again at the most fungible position in the sport right now is becoming the leader of this offense. Yeah, well, first of all, you got to think about naji Harris coming out of high school was the number one player or number one running back in the country and having to wait his turn at Alabama. This wasn't a guy that was thrust into stardom as soon as he walked on the field or got to the school and he didn't transfer. He didn't look to go somewhere else. He waited his turn and then he had his opportunity to shine. A guy who comes on a team the next year with Big Ben Roethlisberger and ingratiates himself so much in that locker room as a team player, but also as a guy that understood and had the stuff to relate to not only the veterans, but the young guy and for coach Tomlin to recognize that means it was on a thousand each and every day with his personality with his work with his morals and with his football character. That's what's mostly important to me to this team and why he was anointed as the next leader of this offense. Only I got to say is, I can't stand you, RC. You're a star in NFL live, then you go on the pivot, you're a star there. Can you share a little bit with the rest of us? My friend, come on, now we're just trying to make an honest living over here in Bristol. You guys.

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