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Double check indefinitely. Look in new i. Who's this two six seven up. What what up is james philly up mass james with john you first of all eyo that Real quick before we get to cook real quick. That trump wears out a gift. That's crazy fight on being in a gift though the gift on undercard. Okay okay. i'm about to say hold up. Gosh wow what. A cook on. The on the breaking news came. I just got off work. I just saw the And sort of title after now call caller. You know i'll get to do this. I think this is a regular regla. Canelo you know and like you were saying. That's forty million. This is happening. this is good. business is good for. Boxing is happening. This forty million. I mean can can look and go take a wash up but devastating towards toward where we're re at boxing so despite happening on. Pvc that's a good thing. That's gonna open up everything. Amalia pan for is like make an east vice happened. I know we just had that unification couple of weeks ago ain't go right but this is what boxing we go with that though. You know what i'm saying. We go with that. And that's that's what's up. Nice appreciate your giving out the good news. I just say to fight gonna happen for sure. Too much money on the table and make too much sense canal will come in. Pvc heating gateway man. Even if you do it fight deal. You get him outta there you get in there get him out of there in awe. You know what i mean. We bring devon hainian there. Get him audited. It's just opened up everything. Gotta make this white hat child thereby chat fees right north carolina up. Hey what's going on there. land. Joe so What you thinking. I'm going to ask some questions for you. You don't think that this cancelation is due to money. Could it be something simple as rehydration or drug testing. What do you think. I'll know i see somebody On twitter cada insinuate like this is just happening so there isn't eight four weeks attesting testing. But that's a reach. You know what i'm saying. That's a reach cannella. Been on for mad years okay and we had regime net. Would that wouldn't come into play but nothing like that right. I mean we heard no rehydration in long time right right all right. I'll just try. I'm wondering if it's something as simple as that. That's old enough decided. I don't think he's got to do with money. I mean it could definitely be could definitely be one of those things which one it is. We don't know until they come know. And i and i would say are andrey is probably the fire department should pick up on If you can't get despite gone okay. So vide yeah. I think so. I think you should go. You don't take out go ahead. Don't take that one. Go ahead on and through what you need to prove and it should be easy to make the both zone. Yeah good job. I appreciate man. Thank you for choosing us to call into and get it off your chest if you want to call in and express your frustrations on the fact that this fight isn't happening anymore. It's no longer take place according to espn zone. Michael coppins. you know the number to call in one two six fifty to forty one and remember if you have impressed one. That's why having gone to you. Feel like was taking them so long. It means you impressed one so we got a press one just one time. That's going to get me to you and you to me. We going out to leeds. Low in decatur would get jason ryan. Be the was anime on down to the ground. Shout out about. Oh what awards tweet about going being it. Thank shouted look making sure to samples from me. My i won't and drive for karnal. And if plants deals on fights she's in benevides the plant. 'cause.

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