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Okay. Ben. I think we should share one more comment that someone wrote to Lonnie on read it when I was maybe eight years old. I took my school backpack and one of those five gallon water jugs rummage through my dad's tools and piped up a five gallon backpack. Water to my super soaker. I ruled the water fights for two summers. My dad was a little pissed that I was rummaging Thurs tools. But after that, we had something the bond over creating. I just wanna thank you for giving me a place to start on creative engineering. That is my first memory of thinking outside the box. And I still look back on it when I'm trying to make something work better. This comment hits me right in the feels. Maybe it's a little hallmark card. But it's good. Yeah. You never know what will lead someone to engineering sometimes it's a water fight San away. Lonnie Johnson is kinda come full circle. He invented something that made it possible for him to invent a whole lot of other things. And now the people he's inspired are inventing their own things. Pretty cool. You're almost seventy years old. Don't remind me of that. Got a lot to do. Yeah. You don't sound. Like, you're the least bit ready to retire. You sound like you are paving, a new frontier is that how you feel? Yes. I mean. It's why get up in the morning motivated. I wanna have an impact I think there are problems that I think I have the ability to solve. I want to tackle them. You know, once said this, there's no greater boot. And then an opportunity. I don't think I'll ever be without an idea. And I think that it would be irresponsible and even sinful to waste of. Dr Lonnie Johnson. Thanks a lot for talking with us. My pleasure thinkin. Endless threat is a production of WB. You are Boston's NPR station in partnership with red it our shows a dream realized by just Alpert, and when she found out we were talking to the guy who invented the super soaker. She said. Iris had there is our executive producer. And hearing Lonnie Johnson story inspired her to get motivated mix and sound is I'm by Paul vicous in John Perotti who thought the moon landing was mildly. Awesome. Our web producers Megan Kelly and she wants to trademark wholesome memes. Michael pope is our advisor read it who almost burned down his house when he tried inventing Chantiers, even though you don't always hear his voice, it's important to point out that our fellow producer. Josh schwartz. Can also say that endless thread is something. I made extra production assistance from James Lindberg, our interns Candice limb, our theme music is by squatter unready. We are endless underscore thread. If you want to contribute art for an upcoming episode or give us a juicy story tip. So we can tell it like we did today. It is up there. Also, when you go there, you should follow our profile on read it. So we can be in touch my co host and producers Ameri Iverson. I am senior producer and host. Ben Brock Johnson. Let myself out. So our our intrepid production assistant, James Lindberg went onto read and posted a question about what the best Nerf guns for hanging out and playing around in your college dorm room where? And he got so many amazing answers, very detailed answers. So you're you're gonna do dramatic nerdy. Reading of some of these answers. I mean, I would recommend to elva troopers three strifes to disruptors three hammer shots single rhino fire. And most importantly, lots and lots of darts. You don't seem to be serious about a Nerf war. So get basic Khushi darts from EBay five hundred thousand should do the trick for a long time said and you back thirty to sixty dollars on their own but much better than normal elite Dart's in every way, also on EBay there. Eighteen round aftermarket stick megs for four to five. Good. Oh, good. Keep going up doing well stick MAGS for four to five dollars each which aren't hugely reliable. But they're cheap and should cut it this this won't be nowhere as good as yours. But I'll give you a bro voice. You wanna bro? Yeah. Yeah. Heck just pick up. A pile zero extra reflect six plasters cheap decent performance compatible with all long darts, nicer goes and great for modding. If you like, no, slam fire single-handed priming. But hey, they are solid. Where's the bro voice that just ended like you? Great. With a Nerf gun.

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