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Days the importance there and that the importance of of where net pf de that personal flotation device. Statistics tell us that majority of the people that drowned in the water had no intentions of getting in the water. You know they either fell in the water. They fell or tripped off of a dock or fell out of the boat. Or those types of things So it's important to to have that personal flotation device. Anytime you're around the water indefinitely on the boat and even for kids the it's the law to him up a precipitation device on When they're on the boat. So yeah you got to protect yourself in areas of water another thing that sometimes i think people forget about is that That family picnic or eating food outside and they sometimes maybe don't think about food safety but that's very important as well bernard yeah. We talked about a lot of health stuff to at progressive egg safety days. So it's not all just safety based but it's also health-based and the thing about picnics and having food and family there is keeping the food safe and we kinda talked about the two to four rural You know when you're dealing with food safety you know. Don't let that food sit out there. It doesn't matter if it's cold food or hot food. Don't let it sit out there. Net room temperature for more than two hours Because then you got that chance of bacteria growing in ed and and that type of thing the other two is when you storing your food after picnics done and you store it and you put in a container try to keep it from from being more than two inches deep in a container when you get those big old containers of food and your refrigerator. They're so big. They're so sick and a lot of times. It takes the refrigerator quite a while to cool that clear into the center again given that bacteria chance to grow so the second to theirs is talking about keeping those containers two inches at a max of of food being that way chills down in a little bigger here. Hurry in the four. Let leftovers you know anything anything. Over four days in your refrigerator you might as well name you know growing. It's growing something in there so So we talked about it. They will four days in the fridge. Probably probably needs to be pitched so. That's the two to four a rule there when you talk about food safety and what's a picnic without food exactly one. I think that food safety rules something that can. We can remember any other time as well to even if we're at home you know. Some people have those summer parties and they let stuff sit out inside For for too long sometimes. So that's that's a great thing to remember there as well. We'll continue our conversation with bernard jesse coming up tomorrow here on our next episode of american act. Today you've been listening to american today produced by the american league network. I'm your host jesse allen wishing you a great rest of your day.

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