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And that play was reviewed and in New York, they determined that the call was confirmed that he made the catch after that, though some more video emerged social media, which raises questions about whether or not he actually did catch. The ball will be talking about that on the baseball tonight. Podcast, Alex bregman has been red hot in this postseason in the bottom of the fifth inning came through again. To third short, how. Don't towards foreigners. Here's tubing to send it to a spreading around third to score, and it's a two two game in between for ever slight data missed it, and it got past all the way to the left field corner. Now, a good third baseman probably would've made that play, and it might have been a generous scoring call to give bregman a double. But Josh, Alex bregman another hit his base percentage for the postseason after that at bat was up to seven, forty one. The only other time I can remember it seemed inevitable that hitter was going to do something. I remember watching Danny Murphy during that incredible run that he had in two thousand fifteen where he inning home run in every bet is Red Sox fan. What are you seeing when bregman comes to the place? I see a guy who's walking the walk BUSTER. People want to give him a hard time because he's talking the talk and talking a little junk which I have no problem with. I like some good trash talk every now and then but people say if you're going to talk like that, you'd better back it up and man. He is backing it up so tip of the cat..

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