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I'm Jamie west's KTA our news if you have information about a felony crime and wish to remain anonymous context silent witness at four eight oh witness or silent witness with rewards up to a thousand dollars it pays to fight crime call for eight oh witness witness or silent witness dot org this is the season of December thirty first you can get real hope to a foster child in Arizona by taking advantage of the Arizona charitable tax credit simply director contribution to hope in the future and receive a dollar for dollar tax credit single taxpayers can contribute up to four hundred dollars pulls up to eight hundred dollars but you have to hurry not just for yourself before the more than ten thousand foster children in Arizona open the future learn more and get today AZ hope dot com our military service members volunteer to protect us in the most dangerous places around the world day step up and when they are severely ill or injured returning to their families is only the beginning of their long road home wounded warrior project provides these brave men and women whatever they need to continue their fight for independence at no cost for life so now it's time for a grateful nation to step up join us at find a W. W. P. dot org it can happen to anyone finding yourself out of a job and losing your home for escaping financial crisis coming up the victim of domestic abuse sometimes you need a new start a new leaf is a local nonprofit that is helping families changing lives help a new leaf in homelessness and domestic violence by going to turn a new leaf dot org you are the solution public service message brought to you by a new leaf tune in every week watch the trucker news channel by going to the record dot com happy holidays phone lines are open one eight six six nine zero seven thirty three thirty dollars eight six six ninety.

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