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ABC News. I'm Richard Can't sue US officials expressing worry about an insider attack or other threat from service members working Joe Biden's inauguration. The FBI's vetting all 25,000 National Guard troops coming to Washington. My sources of feeling more and more comfortable that Washington is secure. And if any threat could be face down quickly, even though they're worried about improvised explosives and extremist showing up in large numbers with guns, But this threat extends beyond Washington toe all 50 states, the latest On the U. S. Postal Service is removing mailboxes and suspending mail collection across 17 states ahead of the inauguration. ABC is Pierre Thomas. Small, peaceful protests reported of a handful of heavily fortified state houses on Sunday. No word of any clashes, a small group of Trump supporters demonstrated at the Statehouse in Lansing, Michigan, a man calling himself preacher clad and body armor and armed Claim to base on a prior protest that counter protesters were armed. So it was his right to do the same. The opposite side of obviously, you know, I'm pro Trump from America. The other side was just it's heavily armed as us Rests of those involved in the deadly pro trump riot continue Quite. Griffin is the leader of Cowboys for Trump and a county commissioner and Otero County, New Mexico, sources told ABC News. Griffin was the subject of a nationwide alert over his participation in the January 6th capital riot During a televised county commission meeting. Griffin pledged to return to the capital January 20th and said he would bring guns to embrace his second Amendment rights. The FBI took Griffin into custody here in Washington A B C's errand to Turkey. Rudy Giuliani tells ABC News. He will not be part of the defense for the outgoing president's impeachment trial in the Senate. Giuliani says he's been told his speech before the Capitol riot makes him a witness, and he cannot be part of the defense. Twitter imposed a temporary suspension on Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green's account..

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