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Radio Station News, 93.1 Kfbk. I'm Joe Michael's News, 93.1 Kfbk Sacramento County is reporting its highest single day death toll since the start of the Corona virus pandemic. The county today announcing eight more people have died from the novel Corona virus, bringing the overall death told on 91 the largest one day death increase had been five. Public health officials are assuring residents if someone was covert positive at the time of death, but did not die from the virus. They're not counted toward the cova. Death toll. The Sacramento region is experiencing a surgeon Corona virus cases along with the entire state of California that's leading to an increase in state lead. Stay at home orders. The San Joaquin County sheriff says he recently tested positive for covered 19 in a Facebook video sheriff Pat with Rose says he's fine and all the symptoms that showed up June 30th have since gone away. Even so, he's urging residents to be vigilant. If you start not feeling well or anything like that, please get yourself tested. I know it's a long lines and takes a while to get the results now, But let's make sure we take care of ourselves and our families and everybody else, Sheriff Withrow says. He's very fortunate that the virus didn't progress and bless that No one in this family has shown symptoms of the novel Corona virus. He appears to be the first California sheriff to publicly announced he'd contract ID Cove in 19. New state laws requiring grocery surplus be donated to food banks. The climate pollutants reduction law will go into effect in 2022 dictate supermarkets, grocery stores and food service providers donate excess groceries to food banks each year, more than £11 billion of food end up in the states, landfills decomposing and creating harmful methane gas. The climate pollutants reduction law would reduce food waste and help with food security at local food banks. I'm Joe Michael's News, 93.1 kfbk, not traffic.

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