Don Zimmerman, President Trump, Democrats discussed on Todd and Don


A partial government shutdown could happen on December twenty first right before Christmas, and the central issue is President Trump wants substantial funding for his border wall. House Republican whip Steve Scalise told FOX's America's newsroom Democrats haven't wanted to find a deal on illegal immigration. We've had bills on the house floor to address the DACA problem in every single Democrats voted no on all of those measures ahead of a White House meeting with President Trump and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer issued this warning to the White House or President Trump wants to throw a temper tantrum and shut down the government over Christmas over the wall. That's his decision on Capitol Hill. Mike Emanuel, Fox News. Former Austin city council member Don Zimmerman is battling against city of Austin campaign rules yesterday. Supreme court said it would not hear an appeal from the city on campaign calendar blackouts which Zimmerman says upholds a lower court ruling, and he'll take the win, but he has lost on a three hundred and fifty dollar individual campaign contribution limit and a limit on out of town dollars. No question in my mind that these rules are going to be challenged again. And eventually they will fall Zimmerman prevailed on campaign disgorgement, which means candidates can keep whatever money they raise rather than having to get rid of it. Eric like, NewsRadio KLBJ central Texas regional mobility authority considers a new wrong way, driver detection system. Tiara executive director Michael against time. If there's any area that needs some kind of wrong way detection system, it's ours. Unfortunately, we have central Texas and south Texas, one of the larger incidents per capita of runway driving in the country. And today CTO could finalize plans to bring that new system to live through a pilot program on the still under construction Forty-five southwest project. Not very many specifics have been given yet. But it is believed the system will include a combination of flashing lights. Cameras that immediately alert police in the area and possibly even signs warning drivers of that oncoming vehicle. Patrick osborne. Newsradiokkob Janis at the root of yet. Another discussion at the Austin school board to reorganize fine arts athletics and career and technical education programs, director of planning Beth Wilson tells KFC and they may have to consolidate the programs into shared facilities that would make up for lost revenue perhaps a centralized facility that could serve both CTE during the day. And then athletics in the evening is predicting a sixty five million dollar budget shortfall next year the school board..

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