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And weather on the 8s and when it breaks back to Dave dildine in the WTO traffic setting. All right, between del carli, Glen echo, cabin John and Carter rock for the first time today, Macarthur boulevard is open its length. The emergency work zone near brook mod is clear and the medical emergency at the union arch bridge is clear. Police are still on both shoulders on both sides of the bridge, but the one lane bridge is open. The cabin John Parkway below the aqueduct bridge is only open to outbound traffic heading to the beltway from the Clara Barton Parkway, the ramps to the cabin John Parkway at four 95, still blocked On the beltway in Maryland and Virginia, rush hour wears on in a few spots like the interloop at a McLean across the American legion bridge. And from Connecticut avenue, eastbound through Silver Spring, there's a minor crash on the outer loop after kennel worth avenue. That was quickly moved out of the way. Two 70 northbound still heavy and spots through Rockville and Gaithersburg, Baltimore, Washington park, with some congestion near the beltway, but not a big deal. 50 between the beltway and the bay bridge, no delays, road spray. And with obviously the low beams on, given poor visibility in certain spots with fog and mist. In Virginia, three 95 and 95 southbound traffic is slow near shirlington and from lorton to woodbridge, 66 westbound heavier one 23 and eastbound moving into Arlington toward bolson. Southbound George Washington Parkway after one 23, Elaine remains blocked. At Marlow furniture is great winter blowout sale, get up to a $300 instant gift on Tempur pedic and Stearns and foster, save up to 60% off closeout purple mattresses now at Marlow furniture. Dave dildy and WTO traffic. Now over to the forecast and storm team force Mike stenson. Forefront now lifting through the regime will seek some often on showers over the next several hours, much effort and drizzle, and we're going to start to see some fog developing

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