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Make this much more of a night store and the stories excellent. I mean especially. I mean you all had to deal with again. The animals were close together. And then you had the tie ins like Year the villain joker war. I mean was the dot kind of speed up speed things up or did did you know exactly when joker was coming. How many actually actually what happened. There is a joker war. Probably delay the return to decrease in a little bit that We had actually planned or to happen. A little bit sooner Several issues sooner and then when the joker came up a said well. Let's be part of that. Lets us that a little bit as the reasoning for what happens and that will take us right to issue seventy five and it would be nice to celebrate as part of the characters johnson issue okay. That's that's funny. That's still said the whole time. I was like oh sure will be soon now that we've got a reason to good about until like notes to be in seventy five. It's a big flagship issue. Going away the big thing that curiously argument was yes. Which was you know when when we first started talking about it. it is. You're if you have an idea for a. Is there a way to make it work right. And i think then when i started playing around with the idea of okay. What happens if the joker got the crystal. It's a quarterback had used in. We had a game with hope this Acolyte of the joker sort of idea where the dickie aids in essence to deliver up issues. I said yeah okay. We can get it in that but often you know bill is right that these things and yet steered towards these anniversary issues and the nice thing about that yes while it can be off putting in the beginning because of delays things but at the same time you get the extra mexican nice to be able to do and gave us again a little more time to explore the pass and at least said seventy five and you didn't have to wait 'til hundred exactly. I could not straight all that long. I would have been gone so i mean. I think you are clear clarify so it was your idea to tie in with the quarterback now pointing the plot. Okay that's what i thought. No when word came all the more it really was random. And that's what i struggled with because when i first came onto it. I as i said earlier. I had these questions that i assume readers that as well and i said well. I don't quite understand everything that happened. Here and the ram the randomness of it. And where was batman all the time that we gicc and he's in blue haven a. Why did he go there instead of any other city in the world since he had no memory. And if you wanted a plane star wide we see him. Writing the scarecrow notice art within everything else so the randomness Bothered me right from the word. Go and i tried to find something in all these disparate comments that i could pull together and make a story of and when we first started talking about your the villains and talent that's when i started going down the road of order bottles in trying to find a way to pull that in and have it all makes sense was it. Is it just the thing where i mean you were on the book at this point so meet. You might not know. But dick shawn the batman in batman fifty five. So is it just the thing you know tom. King set this up and it. It was just like okay. Who is working on the night wing bulk. You have to deal with this the aftermath of this. That's a little bit of happen You know it was. It was tom saying that. He did in batman. But tom is the first one to say that he had a solution for it that he could have gotten to. And i think What they decided to do is rather than just half night wing as title. Be uninvolved with it is they said okay. Let's let's make it part of night wings soar in. Let's use this in the book. Somehow and that was the hard luck turn The book had to make. And then percy was writing it at that time he was kinda thrown in the deep end there but any that's also how comics work. If it's not like is totally unusual thing. This happens in comics. I won't say all the time but it's not at all when common in part of it is you know okay if there's a germ of an idea there i'd say the risks in terms of okay night one gets dropped rather kgb's then the if that's the problem in question becomes okay. What can i. I'm in that as a writer work with in say about eric. How can i turn into a good night when but this is dick grayson. Hold a special place in your heart. Because i mean like i said i think you did a great job with this with the you know that rick story but also i mean in batman beyond kinda changed. You know came before i mean. Now dixon's the mayor of blood haven are gone right now yet. I do like dick grayson quite a lot. I think he's Is very interesting character because if you look at the original reasoning why worse as the counterpoint to batman and i'm so fascinated by this idea that if you go back and read detected twenty seven and some of batmans original stories there is this darkness. Stay bright and from the moment that robin shows up. It has this brighter. Sort of our meant that. I find really interesting that it was this immediate change in the series. So i think what's interesting to me about dick in about the robin character is the counterpoint representation. That's there with batman. I just find that. Very interesting fascinate. Why always always say that. You know i think dick grayson robin and later elfriede you know. Help make bring batman the greatness because otherwise he would just be like a loner mutter muttering himself in a cave. Yeah yeah. I think there's certainly truth that they humanize a little bit and otherwise he gets more remote. I mean i know that Once restoring on superman someone came up to me and said well you know. Wouldn't it be easier to write batman because he's so human superman is sailing and i said well you know went away. Batman is way more alien than superman arquette their way. More human than bruce wayne. So i don i did make that just made a good point. That's gonna be my new sound bit. Alright say But yeah and then. Like i say in the batman beyond boakye. That's that's been doing well too. But that that that's coming to an end fifties right. Yeah yeah number. Fifty is the last issue. And i just forget that strict today so that one is ready to go and now it's been a lot of fun. I mean Between the two versions of it the first which spun out features and then we transition to this one during rebirth. Who's actually been. It's been this nice little quite round that has existed for us where we can do a lot of things. Some familiar dc characters that weren't necessarily bound up by continuity..

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