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The family could food And it was hard in just because of the few people that really makes me around. A lot of money is also very disappointing uh-huh had to get by when you are starting a business I think for me as the website was a huge challenge time John was a huge challenge. you give yourself a deadline and then you know you've got to kind of stick to it and having a young family as in the actual isn't amazing by sniper instilling You get any moms. That have businesses will nigh It's not easy and you get all the time but having my family and friends around me to support me and just decide that they neither can do not to get cards in the mail. You you know just little miss Some support when you've had too bad diane remember has the coming home from work everyday and I used to. I moved out of my office because I felt taking. She Bat. Not Being my son in the family airs move by Lepto cats Di Tella just tap away while he was in his little pipe and he was happy as Larry but I felt better doing that. Maslin would walk home every afternoon wouldn't Hawaiian walking Human dispersed to taste another bed dialogue along like It was just really challenging Again not having the right people on board of stance but you know it's keeping may excuses landside match and I've growing sign match and now I know more of the right questions to ask I know what to delegate and what not to delegate. I've got a couple of people waking me now. which is amazing? But it's teiken unite that all that time to get papal sorry on rock. The paper would what processes have you. Have you found been successful identifying that. That's the right person for your your support group. Just a lot of questioning almost interviewing noise paypal as if you are. I like anything you know. I used to work in recruitment into people the Tom for jobs and place and was quite successful successful. Recruitment consultant in. It's the same thing fearing pieces you have to obviously interview days paypal and find any and it's especially as at the tunnels on my my on. It was hot Someone actually not really working out. He couldn't just get someone else to tell them. He had developed a personal relationship with them. It was really difficult throat are. I'm really fortunate to have you on the on the grand paypal. Is I mom and dad where he might be just answers my husband which is advising second. Tell them what to do. Any they're not going to set claiming the Absolutely not when they got hold is unlike eating. Put you lay foams and Mrs terrible definitely secondary's guys But it's just Spain talking to a lot of different paypal not a Difficult Votes There's lots of groups on facebook that has With you recommend the papal and I find for me personally I I found a lot of people that disappearing their friends and I don't really understand your business or what you're asked are all whether it's simplistically Nabisco Lisa designed just GonNa tag they trained in it and then you could spend all that time China throwing so I think more if you can join some I'm kind of networking group or something. That can really enough to integrate one in our jay which is only painter acids federally she. But just three that you get to know. The people people really Values next season. They're doing Without really even have to talk about engaging citizens than if you get a good feeling everything else in Tokyo thanks Afi But yeah I find those other groups or anytime outside of issues. People say I've got a friend could be your website and I'm not uh on a very much. I really appreciate it but you know we talk about cost an on the go. That's ridiculous Cobb Lady Pie Right now. I can do it for this much. Roi Thank you very much you just. Yeah there's a lot more in bowls in just a simple web saw I'm learning and writing assignments. It's just such a huge. It's like building a house. Isn't it things to fit together on my days when you were just ready to give up or drop you bundle. What what did you do? I I think just because I'm really driven in regards to what was was trying to achieve And that is set to might laugh easy for paypal and a good food. I knew that was my vision. I just wanted to the APP to succeed in doing that. you know come to me. All you know is waiting till the stretchable. The Hot God. I can not sit up just you know. Even now when people say he making any money But it was really join I and I just as I said Mary books will get from customers. You know reviews on my social media. Decide how much simplest what I'm doing is changing their loss in the united they're having Ma Liming everybody else for having metabolite satellite and everyone's winding Hippie way just always comments kate me going all we know before launch and I was just rescued developing a lot and my friends would come Additions only says the best she can catch a Tory. We've had and just things to keep me going on the right track doc and just stepped into drive at story. I think if you're not passionate about your business then you might not succeed. You've really gotTa have passion. Mr I can really hear that you very clear on your y. You know what what's driving you to do this. You love feeding families good food and how beautiful beautiful that something as simple as this is is actually transforming families lives and that to me I think will really so you know you look at it. All people are obviously really impacted because sometimes at Dana Tom when a couple of kids screaming running around and someone's hung from white light Anyone personally today set Lincoln Someone doesn't do the dishes all the rest of it. We've made says many dishes as it is. It's it's pretty easy to clean out. an older foods and way ports. Everything Aso Inam Mate for example if the chickens this weekend to send me to keep this already cut up William backing king suit so you don't have to worry about shopping or anything you know the actual practice really really simple so it's literally throwing it all in and buying up a sip away and then help help you know whether you've got kids have not just keep ambulances that love and get a full Full pay placentia for people decide. Scranton have a wakeup Kafr phrase lifestyles and then we have the next continental. Get your box again you know. It's just next luckily for them. Yeah you've really you've really early Cretaceous something. That's supporting such a nation. I think will there are so many families around. How awesome that? You're getting them out of the cubs onto the benches and I am paper using the variety I'm talking about a lot of people who in my consultant desert site. Online misleading. The box in the cupboard and because I use a lot of recipes using the Barack Obama Oh my God my farmers have had so much. You know. Use the four. Sorry it's really good Emma. You know you talked about your passion like knowing you're finding your passion and being very clear on that. How do you think you you found your passion you know? What did you do to really drill down to nine? That is that is it for me. you know. I've voiced painting to health and fitness Ten twelve years ago I was very much That fed that was going around. That was Lloyd Fat. Everything in life that milken enjoy Die This dot that an I read a book about ten years ago. I called additive. Alert didn't have kids obviously was was married. And things rentable console round. Had No idea that this Things were enough food and just it wasn't like an IV not mate was is a slowly progressive prochet couple of just slowly changing things. I had a few healthy shoes but some of you know I was very active in feet in but didn't always vice field events and no doubt it would mean what I was eating because when if you had a high tonight can catch by John from that. She can catch tourist the jaws. And that's how you Mike Chicken So just as decided us just slowly transforming how I was aging and then mankind. Another kind of Consultant you know. I had no intentions of Bain consultant ahead a fulltime job I didn't need to go away the extra cash but I really felt. It was my duty in which acknowledged good consultant. Hollywood Bang petrified didn't really finding a neighbor one China adopted outside passionate Image A. He these because on done little Revich Baden and nats a lot more mainstream as a lot more in Mike Schmidt they Seven or eight years ago Cablecom head-to-heads knows talking half the time about sitting things. What was the next sued And you know I probably only converted. Maybe half eyesight had actually really looked at what was actually the important then Except Pack Kikes. That's good Really be on that Bandwagon Armie for those last few years. And it's just slightly progressing distinct Makes people still you know whether it serves uh-huh providing it'll noodles for example out of the ten search box in the Asian souls as any tree that have got just three ingredients which have fallen for you the risk full of emulsifiers most five. And you know different stuff and I just think if I can provide them with the gooding grades excellent they rhine because look at halftime onto the backs of packet. So we don't really show what to do. You know where to find the ingredients safe. They go bad for them so assisted. It's just been a real passionate Educate people The last fees. That's that's just really powerful so not not only. Are you providing them food but you can guarantee the food that you're providing is free of older guys nasties because it's our passionate so yet I'm still learning what they should buy and what they should use. So you're getting a lot of value to people's lives here and we also have a naturopathic a wick weeds and she's fantastic so even just h month. We've just provides me my sheets on the Vegetable of the month for example to and why should we have different ways of cooking and just Papers coming home cooking at the box. United taking tonto onto down with a cup rating as to why Kylie For them and had.

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