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Komo's Corwin Hake. Reports a King County legal official explains it to the US Senate what we've seen Washington state is that this law is working to save lives. King County senior deputy prosecutor Kim Wyatt tells the US Senate Judiciary committee about our states extreme risk protection. Order every state in this nation deserves to have this tool the -bility to react quickly to threats of suicide and homicide. Also known as the red flag law. It allows family members and other concerned parties to obtain a court order to keep guns away from individuals threatening to harm themselves or others. Joni Ernst Republic. Senator from Iowa voices second amendment concerns because the red flag laws that we're talking about today will whether justifiably or not will deprive individuals of a constitutional right to this. Hearing is something of a landmark a gun control discussion in the Republican controlled Senate. Corwin hake. Komo news. Adamant public testimony in Olympia on either side of a controversial Bill over three D printed guns, also known as ghost guns. Here's komo's sue Romero. The Bill was brought by democratic Representative Javier Valdez at the request of the attorney general and makes it illegal to make buy sell or possess an undetectable or untraceable gun. Three D printed guns made a polymers or ceramics don't have serial numbers and aren't detected by x Ray machines at the airport Natinal, an NRA member and former army reserves told the Senate law committee, he supports the Bill these weapons cannot be traced by law enforcement. They make it harder for police to solve crimes and easier for dangerous people to assist Italy weapons but Mike silvers. Says law-abiding citizens should be able to use three d printed guns to comply with federal law. They do put their own unique serial number on that gun the Bill passed out of the state house earlier this month. See romero? Komo news says attest county prepares to honor a fallen sheriff's deputy. The.

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