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Adams and dna have also appeared in his work as well in the fifties and sixties dali developed into a full blown media. Personality is waxed upturn. Mustache became his calling card. He would frequently appear on television in europe and the united states in the nineteen fifties. He appeared as a guest on the tv game. Show what's my line and answered. Yes almost every question asked of him by the panel in the nineteen sixties. He began to work on his theater. Slash museum in his hometown of gary's in one thousand nine hundred as his health began to deteriorate. His wife passed away in one thousand nine hundred and in the same year he was given a title of nobility by the king of spain. Juan carlos the marquee dali pupil on january twenty third nineteen eighty-nine dolly passed away at the age of eighty four. He's buried in a crypt of his own design at his museum and figueras only four hundred meters from the place he was born. Dali's legacy was wide-reaching. Andy warhol credited him with being a huge influence on pop art. He dabbled in almost every form of art from novels to theater to film as well as of course sculpture and painting. Today there are not one but two museums dedicated to his work his own museum and various and also one in saint petersburg florida dolly was an arrogant self promoter but he was also unquestionably brilliant and one of the most important artists of the twentieth century associate producer of everything everywhere daily. Is thor thomsen. If you'd like to support the show please donate over at patriotair dot com. There is content only available to supporters merchandise and even opportunities for a show producer. Credit if you know someone you think would enjoy the show. Please share it with them. Also remember if you leave a five star review. I'll read a review on the show. One never knows what to expect from my next guest He has to say the least and unusual man He has a new collection of twelve original graphics that are called memories of surrealism which will be available shortly at the allen rich galleries here in new york. We're seeing some of those later in the show and we will certainly be seeing him. He is One of the most colorful people. I know is another word. That's been implied but He's a man who went said about himself. The only difference between myself and a madman is that i am not mad. We'll see when you welcome. Please salvador dali..

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