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Friends of mark cormon mark brown treasurer quilt three sixty twenty five till dodging raindrops it's been a slog in most areas of the country east of the mississippi this week meteorologist heather zehr evacuate dot com leads off with some areas of the country set to have what's affectionately called the chamber of commerce forecast new england is going to have nice weather for today probably some of the best in the nation highs in the sixties and seventies with a lot of sunshine we're also looking for failing nice weather through the southwest is well temperatures are going to be fairly seasonable for those folks highs mostly in the eighties and nineties and again a good deal of sunshine throughout the south west we're also looking at sunny hot weather and as you move over into the southern plains will be seen most of texas and even up into oklahoma making it up into the nineties for today and we'll see some triple digit temperatures along the rio grande river we're looking for however some wet weather to be around through most of the northern rockies with with some showers and thunderstorms around and there is once again a likelihood for severe storms to form in the high plains and that's going to be for this afternoon and into the evening the risk is going to be mainly for downpours and damaging winds as well as hail not much of a chance of a tornado the wet weather is also going to persist through the mid atlantic states back into the tennessee valley am through the southeast where we'll have showers and thunderstorms not really much in the way of severe weather not really much in the way of a risk of heavy rainfall although some places may have to worry about some ponding of water in low lying in poor drainage areas as the rain has been fairly persistent but overall just kind of a wet day with showery weather and some thunder in there as well that's the nation's weather i'm accuweather dot com meteorologist heather zehr on this date in nineteen sixty nine chicago transit authority released its first album the band was sued by the real chicago transit authority and had to shorten its name to chicago twentythree till david daniel has a preview of whitney a new movie about whitney houston coming up on the.

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