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But I will go with duke to win to make a final four and in doing so K would get to a 13th final four that will break the tie with John wouldn't for the most all time. And then K would basically have not every record. He doesn't have more conference championships than Bill self and stuff like that. But the only one that he would never get is the national title one. That wooden with ten. But he'd break the final four tie with them and considering that would have never had to win 6 to get to one. It's already even better in my opinion. But yeah, I'll take duke to win the cover. What about you, bud? I got a question for you from a standpoint of covering the game. Would you rather cover duke versus Saint Peter's or duke versus North Carolina in the final? Oh, gosh, look at you coming with these questions. I got hold on. First of all, here are this chair right now, by the way. Major creek situation. That's a wonderful question. I gotta go do St. Peters. I covered two Carolina in a really special unique one of a kind deal a few weeks ago. They're both awesome. They're both unbelievable. They're both media catnip. Same thing. Imagine ever. And Carolina with Carolina with a chance to end K's career? Do it that way? Are you kidding me? Just imagine me asking you that question two weeks ago. Oh, yeah, I mean, I would assume you're on bath salts. Yeah. I think I'm going Arkansas. So just to throw a little rain on that whole parade there of the hypothetical. It's going to be a lot to ask for duke to turn and consecutive heroic, offensive efforts against another elite defense because make no mistake. 70.8% shooting in the second half against Texas tech is on real. And scoring more points, duke scored more points in regulation against Texas tech than any other team has this season. Kansas scored more points in a game against duke arrogance Texas type, but the game went to double overtime. So in terms of regulation, duke scored more against Texas tech than anybody else, this season. I don't know if I don't know how you replicate that. I don't know if I totally trust Jeremy roach to go out and be clutch for a third game in a row. Maybe the confidence level is just so high that they get it done. But it just seems improbable to me that duke can bring that high level of offense in consecutive games. When we've seen gaming and game out for the most partner in the NCAA tournament, how defense has been the story, particularly with Houston and particularly with it's just proven itself. I mean, Saint Peter's versus Purdue, holding Purdue to his third low scoring output of the season. I just think Arkansas brings that defensive element. It's going to be hard for duke to match for the second time in three days. How about this stat? This courtesy of duke athletics. So duke has either trailed urban tied down the stretch and postseason play against against Syracuse Miami, Michigan state Texas tech in the postseason. But in the closing stretches of those 5 games in those four games, they've outscored opponents 57 22, 57 to 22. And two of those games have been winner. It's all over. The way that duke has stepped up and found a championship level has been impressive as hell, palaban Caro and Jeremy roach are staring the moment in the face and not blinking. Everyone is playing well. It's been really impressive. I've seen every minute of every duke game since the Carolina closer at home and the regular season. And this team is undeniably matured like three times over. It's wild and I actually talked to.

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