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Vice making of the internet you've got a column on the internet and as tends to happen and it's on which of the four surprise contenders so far in two thousand eighteen braves phillies pirates and as as the most staying power in twenty eight teen and that brings up a really interesting question richard which of the four surprise contenders in two thousand eighteen do you think has the most staying power in two thousand eighteen yeah and it's hard to find surprise contenders because you know i eliminated twins angels bluejays mariners cardinals burs diamondbacks rockies giants forget it they're not surprised contenders i i don't know how you feel about this i said the phillies because the phillies lavish ninety five losses last three seasons but in that time herreros getting playing time nola franco those guys were getting playing time so you take a group that learns went through their health through fire you add area to the top of that rotation there good arms i think there's more arms in the minor league system i kinda liked their team and i you know do i think in some ways you can say the same thing about the braves in a different way i think the braves have stained power just because there's waves of young talent and also marquess and freddy freeman are having their best years it kurtz zouqi is not a young guy anymore and who knows what jose bautista will be but i i don't do you agree with me i think both those teams have staying power but i really liked the phillies well the team maybe rooting the most for is the pirates just because i think it's such a cool story if they trade two of their best players andrew mccutchen and gary cole and then make the playoffs that would be really cool i don't know that it will happen i think there's some i think they're a little bit over their skis there that the bullpen is that great.

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