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I inevitably scroll past a slutty little profile photo on social media. If anything i now experience a bit of revulsion or boredom does this mean that. I'm suppressing something within myself. No for the first time in my life. I'm free sexually with nothing to feel guilty about my mind set. Transformation has unlocked a new level of sexual hedonism and joy for us. I want her now more than ever in my eyes. My wife has just become hotter. Sexier more intoxicating -ly beautiful her learn curves inviting bubis shapely ass and smooth skin awakened something within me that slumbered during my decade of promiscuity before i aligned my sexuality completely with my moral compass i was never a truly sexual man burning with sexual desire yielding boldly a formidable cock. I was just an opportunist trying to prove myself. Okay my dudes in conclusion if you're a single guy sleeping with random women or hoping to if you're a single guy there enjoying the decline and boy. there's a lot of declined to be enjoyed. Isn't there after reading this. After listening to this you can no longer tell yourself that you're doing it because you're rebelling against society silly rules. Oh no you're following societies silly rules. You're a quintessential conformist. A dutiful dogmatist and acquiescent consumer. If you're the kind of person who doesn't drink coca cola because you understand that it's a seriously unhealthy. Cheap thrill consumed voraciously by the most unthinking only because of a constant barrage of misleading advertising. You should really reexamined any stylish libertine attitudes. You might still hold about promiscuity. It's shitty product. You shouldn't by d'artagnan was right. You can love one woman your whole life and you'll be a better man.

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