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The morning i'm larry sharoni here's what's going on governor jerry brown is announced an agreement with the trump administration to send more california national guard troops to the border with mexico kcbs political reporter doug sovereign says the state will deploy those soldiers on its own terms when governor brown signaled he would accept federal funds to expand the guards border mission president trump thanked him but after the governor outlined strict terms excluding immigration enforcement the president savaged him on twitter governor brown remained calm telling the national press club in washington a deal between sacramento and the white house was at hand is trying to stop drug smuggling human trafficking and guns going to mexico to the cartels that sounds to me like fighting crime trying to catch desperate mothers and children are unaccompanied minors coming from central america that says like somebody else now the governor says that deal is done additional california guard troops will go to the border by the end of this month and stay for at least five months and they will do so under the restrictions the governor demanded despite the trump tweets no immigration enforcement no building of a border wall all of it paid for by washington the guard is chomping at the bit ready to go doug sovereign kcbs according to the us geological survey a major earthquake along the hayward fault could cause massive destruction deaths and injury kcbs jeffrey schaub has more on the findings from simulated tremor called the haywire scenario outlined on the uc berkeley campus yesterday it's being called a tectonic time bomb a seven point o magnitude quake erupts along the hayward fall from san pablo beta near san jose eight hundred kodi eighteen thousand injured understand that this is a different ballgame from loma prieta the deadly quake that erupted along the san andreas fault in nineteen eighty nine us geological survey assistant director of natural hazards david applegate says a new study called the haywire scenario shows a major quake centered near oakland would cause massive devastation scenario looks at both the impacts you know the direct human impacts the potential for for loss of life for rescue operations even though major hospitals and other infrastructure have been earthquake retrofitted or outright replaced since loma prieta pg says thousands would be out of power for weeks east bay mud says water service would be cut off for.

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