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The Jaguars or the two minute warning right now and the Texans pretty much can just take a knee from here as they lead by a score of twenty six to three of course the Jaguars two of two timeouts left but they're not coming back today let's go back to the phones right now on that whole free listen line as Jeff how foreign stuff dropped by from Pittsburgh as the Steelers getting ready to take on the colts this afternoon Jeff good afternoon yeah beautiful day here in Pittsburgh although it is seasonal here in the thirties and much more fun than the last time the Steelers were home and really injuries a big part of this game both teams without their franchise quarterback who they thought would lead them in the playoffs this year Ben Roethlisberger to court they under lock he why Hilton is indeed out for the call that's fine that's down off the board for them where the dealers there without James Connor three hundred eighty rushing yards and four TD's he's also their second leading receiver with twenty nine catches and another touchdown my comment was telling us earlier in the week it would be a big deal actually for that came to be foreign or if they can get this one considering all the things they've gone through in the first half of the season for the colts you're literally on Marlon Mack and they've just found ways they they don't make mistakes they they haven't had pretty when but they found ways to get the job done and really this could be a key game for either team when they're looking for because a wildcard opportunities than I should be a good match up here between a couple of teams with pretty good defense well how big of a day given the injuries to James Connor and also Donte Moncrief was released earlier in this week so how big a day or how much is on the shoulders of Mason road off to really prove that that he could be the future at this position for this team how much of a today's an audition for him yeah I really think that's a chance for him to have a breakout game not just for himself for the fans really show what everybody called dealer nation what he's all about it again the backup failed back he had a minor knee procedure this is his first game back he rushed for over a hundred yard again yards against the patriots last year and is only start the guy who showed flashes of capabilities also someone that could run the wildcat formation so they're not completely depleted in there in the run game but yeah a lot of this is on may th and we're off a little one I came only a few games at one o'clock today I don't really is an opportunity for him without question the only six early games today no we're inside two minutes left in London with the Texans up twenty six to three as we talk to Jeff have formed from Heinz field this afternoon a making fits Patrick you know obviously the Steelers gave up a lot to get him it looked like it could be a very tough trade for them in the B. you in the beginning but now is as you mentioned they can get back to the five hundred mark today they might be in pretty decent shape and he also couple in the fact that it's Patrick is played pretty well since since arriving an amazing first gamer and interception against the Niners the guy is has a nose for the football and you know the Steelers don't make trade like this very often the press three for a number one second as you mentioned at the crime you're thinking that could be a top five you're giving away when you're gonna get another franchise quarterback or whatever you're looking at like that even the missing piece for the dealers they were they needed somebody that could be a Paul Hawken that secondary Joe Haydon does a nice job of quarter but he's not that guy they haven't had a date he really that Bob become van and you add him into that after us and he he is grab those turnovers the concealer manufacturer last year and I'm like Hey we just got our first round pick a year early and we wanted someone I had a little known commodity your may lock them out of college although he wasn't available and he has come in and then everything that they can ask for me that the defense the right now has eight first round picks in it could argue with that one of the mall yeah this is been a very big difference in this team from a year ago it's almost as if like you you kind of look back and you say boy if if the defense had played this well last year we're with the Steelers have been but you know the of the what they've done in retooling that defense on the fly you know you at least gives this team a lot of encouragement certainly going forward on the other side you know you have a record a a future hall of Famer in an Adam Vinatieri two extra points away from becoming the full our first colts player to make five hundred in his career twelve points from becoming the first calls player to score fifteen hundred and five field goal attempts away from breaking Morton Anderson is that I fell record now Heinz field I know it's a it's a chilly day it's in the thirties as you mention behind still is never been for a kick a friendly place to do we see a record today at least from from out of military and prevented Kerry you know just a hero gold where do you think I this is the kid that was twenty five I was just coming up in the league we still have a job if you didn't have the same name the wind is a little tricky here Jeanette and of our conversation switch in three different directions from north to south at about I don't know it looks like about ten to fifteen miles an hour that's where it gets tricky in that stadium the swirling winds coming off the rivers and what the opened and it could be a challenge and we'd be not random this year that your actual point the conflict and its challenges yeah Chris Boswell with the guy who completely lost it last year and has been outstanding for the Steelers this year so that is a little interesting sub game here is the kicker is obviously a potential hall of Famer who might be struggling or is struggling a little bit at the end you guys trying to rebuild himself and they could come down to a kick so many of these old games have come down to one you know also I just want to go back to you mention Jaylen Samuels he figures to see a lot of action today with the injury to James Connor who else is back there today for the still is in the back fill because many smells and active yeah well throw admin thank you for the first round pick his brother right who played a little in Maryland he comes in basically in relative obscurity is laid to special teams but it'll be the backup tailback they also added only broke game actually start in the falcons training camp was released the Steelers signed him and that's when they created a roster spot with releasing Dante Moncrief that's his job how they think they mail Conor Willie Parker type situation here where the guy that nobody wanted and I think the on and off but the blind he might be a guy that could do some damage admins will be the back up but look out for Brooks he's the guy that might be some time and who knows you might be that that fact you're no one founding on that could be the difference in this game all right we will keep our eye on him today and we will talk with you Jeff after kick off thank you for checking in all right all right just how thorny in of Pittsburgh today where the Steelers look to get back to the five hundred mark against the colts team that has been very tough so far this year at five and to both of these teams have been battling injuries no T. Y. Hilton today for the colts he is an active and no James Connor so each team without one of its really big keys on offense is basin Rudolph back under center for the Steelers as he is back in has proven that after the concussion that's causing the missed one game so but again without James Connor today and Dante Moncrief was released earlier in the week so one game now is in the books we got six is just moments away twenty six minutes away from kicking off let's get you the details on that one final from London and much much more the latest sports update with Darwin's look.

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