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Him away into Dhaka. Dogu found my Daddy Panther clause in his suggest you at the son of a King you're sort of Nice not queen model kill longer holds to Challah and all all the People Vo Kanda accountable for all the things that they're not doing for black Americans in the United States. He sees technology that will conduct has the superpowers hours they literally have within their people and he sees them not sharing them. He sees a lot helping out all of the other black people in the United States state Senate throughout the world. All sitting here must feel good about two billion people all over the world. It looks like us but their lives are a lot harder. Kinda has the tools that liberate them all and what told US bub renew. I've talked a lot about kill monger and Challah these two central male characters in Black Panther but I have to mention all of the women who lead these two men they would truly be nothing without the characters of Suri the chief scientist and two younger sister Makiya and and General Koya these women are strong and brave and vulnerable in the most powerful ways and ultimately are the reasons why we're kander under is what she is you can come and go is choose. I I am loyal to Dr on Mobutu who sits upon it. What are you loyal to? I loved him. I love my country entry to then you sieve. You'll country. No I save my country. The grey areas and the layers ears of complexity to black identity are things that really spoke to Seda Sherman when she saw Black Panther works with college students. It's and she took all of her students to go see Black Panther and that experience was one that transformed her view of what black identity could be when she was in theater watching Black Panther with them. She genuinely felt were condo welcoming them with open arms so I am so excited to talk to you. I just love your writing. I love the bustle piece where you talked about the experience of going with your students to see Black Panther. I just so beautiful I mean so so lovely and really painted this picture and made me feel like I was there with you. I appreciate coup so yes. I'd love to take you back in time for a minute. to the first time you saw Black Panther. I'd love to ask you to close your eyes and I'm going to keep time here for ten seconds. Think about that first time that you saw Black Panther and think about you know who you're with and where you were and how it made you feel and then when the ten seconds are up. I'll just check in sure so what memories came up for you to stan who so the things things that popped into my mind were meeting up with the students and meeting up with my friends my colleagues my bosses getting getting on a public bus in Stockton leaving the university going downtown to watch this movie walking from the bus stop to the theater. You're seeing more students and just the energy. The energy was Seoul Electric. The energy was so amplified and just smiling smiling and laughing like the entire time and looking at each other's outfits and you know like asking each other to stret- Taurel take pictures and still less your jewelry. I'll be so let's have fun with this. Let's embrace it. Let's be ourselves and and see what happens and from top to bottom that whole day it was just this crescendo of emotions and pride and joy like it. It was just like black joy all day all day long we could provide aid and access to technology and high of you to those who need other countries do it take another like these other countries not Kiara if found out what you truly are what we possess you could lose our way of life. Kanda is strong enough to help others and protect ourselves at the same time. If you are not so stubborn you with Mickey Great Queen. I would make a great thing because I am so stubborn if that's what I wanted what was the experience actually being in the theater watching it after all that information so you know like if I tell somebody oh you gotta come through looking like black excellent. I'm going to take it superseded so I had been planning my outfit for some time my deceased grandmother she was like super super into fur coats and so I'm rocking this like floor laying mink coat and like very reminiscent of coming to America and I've got like huge necklace gone and it got kicked out and so like the students see me come in there like cheering me off amping me up so there there is that which was hilarious but then just sitting in the theater seats and turning around turning left and right like panning all the way around and and realizing that theatre had to be ninety nine percent black view uh which happen oh right so that in itself was incredible because I think when you're a person of color just in general when you're in when you're black specifically what happens is you're very conscious of the white gays on your very conscious of how how white folks perceiving you and what they're gonNa do with that perception whether minced and they're going to weaponize it or they're going to you know I don't know there's a whole a whole myriad of possibilities right but the feeling of that absence and was complete freedom. I would say just to be yourself and whatever reaction you have like. If you laugh have too loud it's cool you know why because there's a theater full of black folks who would expect nothing less exactly nothing just as or if if you're talking back at the screen and like doing our whole calling response things like that's embrace do win have fun be yourself be authentic so that was one of the first first things that I fell and of course you know being students of mine who are either from Oakland themselves or their families from they are just how some kind of very deep personal and historical ties to that area the movie part of it is set in Oakland right sees in in a very specific way yeah yeah they're seeing experiences that they can relate to their seen neighborhoods. They can relate to their hearing people talk like them. They're seeing slag. That looks like there's like it was it was everything yeah. One of the things that you pointed out in your piece of for Bustle was that actually Oakland is the home of the real life Black Panther Party for self defense which you know they don't talk about explicitly in the movie but it kind of permeates it that feeling of the Black Panther Movement and I've just that was fascinating for me to learn and clearly the director and Co writer Rancagua from Oakland but that that bringing that in fuel so important to the context the movie absolutely because I think I think one of the best and the most interesting story lines of the Black Panther the movie movie was kind of idea freedom this idea of liberation and what does that mean and what can what can it like on a global scale. What can it look like between between Africans India sprints you know just so many so many layers and when you think about the Black Panther Party I self defense in Oakland like trying to liberate their communities? It was necessary. I think to to make that connection whether subtle or over I'm really I'm really glad Kugler. Did it warning. How can I help you? I'll just checking out these artifacts. It's the expert you said whereas this one's from the Edo people have been in sixteenth century told me about this one also live from Benin seventh-century Fula tribe. I believe it was taken by British Sodas and Benin Vigny Condo and it's made out of by Bernie. I'M GONNA take it off your hands for you. These are some zone for sale. How do you think your ancestors got these? You think they paid a fair price. What did they take? It took everything else so I'm going to I'll have to ask you to leave and one of the things you talk about. is wanting what you wanted for your students at night you write about. It's so beautiful you say I wanted my students to feel the elation of black possibility and freedom. I wanted my students to experience the sheer joy of seeing a movie for us and by us all about what happens happens when black life thrives without exploitation and colonization. I wanted my students to see what happens. When black thought.

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