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At a new artistic expression dr albert barnes acquired one hundred eighty one paintings by the father john renoir was born in eighteen ninety four and nineteen seventynine steve taiwa kyw newsradio hey whatever they knew time is twelve twenty two it's time for traffic and transit on the twos on the scheduled expressway in both directions we have some construction between south street and the vine street expressway westbound side of things still heavy approaching south but delays are beginning to dwindle so we'll take that now we saw something going out onto oh to it southbound onto to right before route twenty nine the two left lanes are shut down to an accident not giving us any delay really but definitely use some caution as you head on by you're getting by to the far right so we'll keep you posted on that elsewhere in delaware county on i ninety five both directions between the commodore barry bridge and the blue route four seventy six two right lanes are shut down and it is heavy on southbound ninety five approaching four seventy six at this hour so definitely give yourself extra time we do have one bridge note the burlington bristol bridge construction will last until around four o'clock in the morning crews are mid span and their alternating lanes from the trumark financial twenty four hour traffic center where member banking is better banking i'm in toronto this is cbs three meteorologist kate bilo partly cloudy warm and muggy overnight the low sixty seven on friday hot and humid some sunshine the high eighty nine close to the record of ninety one from two thousand one could be a stray late day or evening shower or thunderstorm eyewitness weather updates eight times every hour on kyw newsradio.

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